Create your own framework on top of the Symfony Components

At Symfony project there is only one thing that we like as much as developing code: documenting it. Thanks to the selfless volunteer work made by thousands of contributors and the expertise of our documentation managers (Ryan, Wouter and Christian), the Symfony documentation now totals 934,628 lines and more than 3.4 millions of words (considering all versions and not excluding duplicates).

Today we're glad to add a new series of tutorials to the Symfony documentation: How to create your own framework on top of the Symfony Components. These tutorials, written by Fabien and originally published on his own blog, explain how to develop your own simple framework from scratch using the Symfony Components.

You may be wondering why you would like to create your own framework instead of using Symfony or Silex. For starters, these tutorials are an excellent opportunity to understand how do web frameworks work because they cover all the basics in a very detailed level.

Moreover, creating your own simplified framework may be useful when refactoring legacy applications, to ease the transition to a modern web framework. In addition, some applications may define specific needs that only a tailored solution can solve efficiently.

We hope that these new tutorials inspire you to create great things, allow you to learn more about Symfony internals and make you have a good time while reading them. If you find any error or want to contribute some improvements, read our documentation contributing guide and submit your pull requests to the Symfony Docs repository.

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Some navigation seems missing to reach the new tutorial on the website though.
@stof yes, we're going to tweak the doc section index very soon. Thanks!
I like Symfony too much to build other framework.

Symfony FTW!
Great I waited this because this tutorial show me how decouple same things from Symfony standard and add another functionality.
Will PDFs be available anytime soon?
Request for link in documentation & pdf version :) Thx

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