Design symfony pages, Win a beret

The 1.0 release approaches quickly, but there are a few things that we want to polish in symfony beforehand. One of them is the design of the framework web pages. These pages appear under certain circumstances in symfony applications:

  • Successful installation (congratulations page)
  • Successful module setup
  • Error 404
  • Error 500
  • Page not accessible (logging required)
  • Page not accessible (credential required)
  • site unavailable (cache clearing)
  • site disabled

Their current design and wording is often minimal. We thought that the community might be able to help us to redesign them. We need something light (with few images and CSS statements), nice and modern. The congratulations page, being the first thing developers see, is particularly important.

So anyone willing to contribute either better texts or better designs is welcome. We want these pages to be finished in three weeks time, so you'd better start as soon as possible. And to bring motivation to the volunteers, the author of the chosen design will receive a lovely French beret, and his/her picture will be published published in the symfony website (with the beret on).

Contribute your texts or designs in the symfony forum. Attach print screens as images, not as archives, so that we can see them. The winner contribution will be integrated in the framework, so contributors must agree with the MIT license terms. The jury is Fabien and me, and we accept no bribe.

P.S: Contributions to the design of the admin generator views (edit and list) are also welcome. I think I must have a pair of braces hanging out somewhere...

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I'm definitely going to design some pages. However, since English is not my native language I will probably use the default texts (with some minior modifications).
Just take a look at and take their ideas and put them into SYmfony.

ALways steal from sucessful sites to make yours work!
I don't think YouTube is a good example, just look at this: ;)
Very nice site!

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