Symfony is, and will always be, free (as in beer). This is Open Source Software the way we like it. We contribute code, it creates a community and new business opportunities, and we get (part of) our investement back, plus the fun.

But it appears that many people have proposed to donate since the first release of the framework, and they don't have any easy way to do it. So we implemented a "donate" button in the symfony project website.

Those of you who use symfony and who are satisfied with the product, those who would love to see its development speed up, those who don't use it but find it so well coded and documented, can now donate money to the symfony project.

The money will go to Sensio, Fabien's company, and will be used to pay us to do some pure symfony work. This means that we will have time to develop features that are not directly related to our own projects. This means that we will spend more time helping users in the IRC channel, the mailing-list and the forum. This means that the symfony framework development will accelerate.

You, philantropic millionaire, if you wonder what do do with this pile of dollars/yens/euros/whatever, and if you like the symfony spirit, you can donate. And you, chief executive of this big IT company who benefits from the symfony productivity to sell more, you can also donate. And you, curious user who asks 5 questions a day in the forum and always gets an answer, you can donate as well.

Symfony will give it back to you.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Perhaps you could add an optional donation "fee" with the Symfony book. So people who want to buy the book have an easy option to donate.

Anyway, I will donate as soon as I use Symfony for profit use. Maybe even earlier. But for now I will try to give back by trying to help new users like myself.
Donate is a great formart to contrib with symfony, i'll shotuout in my company.
too bad paypal does not permit to send a message with the donation. Anyway, I use symfony as a framework of choice for most of my projects. Thanks for your amazing work.
Just a thought, but it would be nice to include links to different translations in ebay. I clicked it, and got French (sorry I do not know french).

Also, does ebay allow a user to donate in their prefered currency? I don't usually keep tabs on the Euro.

Just a couple thoughts.
I fixed the default country to USA. As for euro, I'm not sure if it's possible to offer several currencies.
Nice! :) When our project is finished and the first money comes in, I'll donate to you. Symfony is great!
Just made my donation. Just because I want to see this project flourish! An option to buy the book in print for a donation would be nice for beginners like me. Also it would be cool to see how much has been donated to the project.
Francois, any chance of accepting donations through something other than PayPal? Romania it's not among the accepted countries and I'd really like to give you something back.
Why not use for the printing of the book. That way we all benefit :)
Francois, is there any other payment method for donation available besides PayPal? I'd really like to contribute, but Romania is not among the supported countries. Thanks.
My posts are rarely answered in the forum, so I will not donate yet.

If I see my questions ansewred I will donate $5 each month.
wow. ransom ;)

while it's not really the place, Pablo why don't you point out some of these unanswered queries and we'll try get your wallet opened sooner.

There are lots of reasons though for queries going unanswered but none of them are due to the developers and other users.

* did you describe the problem clearly?
* is the answer easily found in the book?
* can the answer be found with a simple search of the forums?

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