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Jobeet for Doctrine

After the initial release of Jobeet, the response was excellent! People are very happy with the Christmas surprise. The only thing some people were not happy about is that it was in Propel instead of Doctrine.

Jon and I worked very hard during the last few days to find a solution. We have updated the symfony documentation process to allow us to have an easy to maintain copy of all documentation for both Propel and Doctrine.

The new symfony website has now been deployed and you can start reading the Jobeet tutorial for Doctrine. Be warned that the Jobeet Subversion repository is still for Propel only.

I hope you all enjoy learning symfony 1.2 with the Jobeet tutorial. Good luck with the leap from Propel to Doctrine :)

For translators: We have added some special notations to support both Propel and Doctrine in one file:

  • A Propel specific section must be enclosed in <propel> / </propel> tags (<doctrine> has to be used for Doctrine). Each tag must be on its own line and start at the beginning of a line
  • sfPropel occurrences are replaced with sfDoctrine when the Doctrine tutorial is generated
  • The ##ORM## string is automatically replaced with Propel or Doctrine depending on the context
  • Also, when a tutorial is independent of the ORM or if you have provided the needed , the file must end with __ORM__.

Have a look at day 3 for an example.

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Cool, cool, cool! You're great, dudes!
Keep going, please :-)
\o/ Thanks.
Thank you very much for this. I've been wanting to get hands on experience w/ doctrine and 1.{1,2} for a long time. Your efforts are extremely appreciated.
Very cool. Thanks for taking the time to support this. I think it will be good for the framework, and Doctrine.
makes me happy in pants
Thank you ! :D
Thanks a lot ! That's what I was waiting for to move to doctrine :)
That's the tutorial I was waiting for to experience both 1.2 version and doctrine
in one.

lots of tks !!!

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