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Manage Doctrine in your browser with sfDoctrineManagerPlugin

What is it?

This has been one of the most requested items I have received from the community, the ability to control your schema visually. Well, now it is possible with the sfDoctrineManagerPlugin. With this plugin it offers you the ability to build your Doctrine schema by using a GUI built using the symfony form framework.

I have considered developing this plugin in the past, but before the form framework this task was a very daunting one. Simply building and maintaining all the forms to control the schema information would have been scary. With the form framework, I was able to generate all my forms by combining the Doctrine schema information with the form objects and instantly I have a set of forms to manipulate this data.


Add, edit and delete columns from your models.



Add, edit and delete relationships between your models.



Enable and disable behaviors on your models.


This plugin is a good example of how the form framework in symfony can be leveraged to quickly create rich forms to manipulate your data. It implements some practices such as:

  • Totally custom widgets and validators
  • Extending and customizing existing widgets and validators
  • Detecting widget type to use based on the PHP type of variable
  • Embedding forms
  • ...much more

This plugin is available for symfony 1.2 and is in alpha state. Currently only the ability to manage your schema is possible but other features will be added in the future such as:

  • Ability to manage databases.yml
  • Integration with Doctrine migrations for updating your database after altering your schema
  • Ability to query and modify the data in your models from a web interface similar to the functionality phpMyAdmin provides
  • Ability to map relationships by the use of drag and drop functionality similar to how you would in a database designer such as DBDesigner4
  • Execute Doctrine tasks from the web browser
  • Maybe more? If you have ideas you can ping me with them at jonwage [at]
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WOW, it's just an excellent plugin, I'll use it for my next project
Greeeaaaaaat !
Where can I find all the behaviors for the doctirne?
Your work has been fantastic. Thank you.
bravo !
A realy smart plugin. Thanks!
Looks great, but truthfully I would rather have working admin generator.
This is very nice addition.

Am I the only one who sees article count for Category Plugins (in the right top side of this site) stuck at zero?

it looks like interesting

but sorry it doesn't work for me.
i installed and actived in settings.yml but nothing to the address

It'snt the good address ?

I'm in symfony 1.2 beta 1


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