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New in SymfonyInsight: Microsoft Teams analysis results notifications

One of the main goal of SymfonyInsight is to help you maintain high quality in your project over long periods of time. To do so, integrating the information SymfonyInsight gives you in your processes is key.

SymfonyInsight already integrates natively with GitHub and Slack, and has the ability to be used in Bitbucket and GitLab as well using the SDK. You can even use a custom webhook to create a completely custom integration with any tool you would like.

Starting from today, you can also use Microsoft Teams natively on SymfonyInsight by using a few lines of configuration:

    - type: teams

      # The Teams WebHook URL (see the documentation for more details)
      url:[email protected]/IncomingWebhook/XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      # On which event SymfonyInsight should post notifications
      on_success: true  # Notify when an analysis succeeded
      on_failure: true  # Notify when an analysis failed or errored

You can read the dedicated documentation to learn more about this new feature.

And as always, if you have any issue, feel free to contact us at the support!


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