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Ryan Weaver named 10th Symfony Core Team Member

Ryan Weaver, one of our favorite fellows in the Symfony Community, has been promoted as member of the Symfony Core Team. The announcement, which was a complete surprise even for Ryan, was made during the closing session of the recent SymfonyCon conference in Madrid.

The Symfony Core Team is a group of developers that ultimately decides which code gets merged into the Symfony repositories. As its 10th member, Ryan joins the group of deciders, whose opinions are considered for accepting or rejecting pull requests.

Ryan is well known for his contributions to Symfony documentation, for his screencasts published by KnpUniversity and for having initiated the DX initiative, which has profoundly transformed the developer experience when using Symfony.

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Great decision :)
Congratulations Ryan!
Oh yeah! High-five-at-the-distance!

Congrats man!
Congrats Ryan!
Well deserved. Congrats!
Credit where its due well done Ryan. I love your KNPUniversity tutorials due to the excellent tone and delivery with a nice clean presentation.
Congratulations Ryan!
Great news!
Congratulations Ryan! When I first met you and took your class, I thought you were already core to the Symfony team. Long time coming buddy!
Awesome! well deserved
Congratulations Ryan! :)
Congratulations Ryan!
Congrats Ryan!
That's awesome, congratulations Ryan!
Congrats Ryan! You worked hard for this.
Congrats Ryan.
Great news! Ryan's and Leanna's screencasts encouraged me to start using Symfony2 a long time ago.
An excellent choice! Congrats, Ryan!

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