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SensioLabsConnect becomes SymfonyConnect

Introduced in November 2011, SensioLabsConnect is the social network for the Symfony community. It provides authentication for Symfony related services like SymfonyInsight and SymfonyCasts and it rewards users with badges for their actions (such as a badge for contributing to the docs, a badge for attending a conference, or a badge for being certified, etc.)

Today, SensioLabsConnect has more than 80,000 registered users and almost 300,000 badges have been awarded so far. Fun fact: 88 users have more than 12 years of Symfony history.

SensioLabs originally developed the service to gamify the community, and it worked really well. A few months ago, the Symfony project became an independent company. We've decided to rename SensioLabsConnect as SymfonyConnect to better reflect that Connect is the Symfony social network of choice.

All the existing features (and all your hard-earned badges) will remain the same, because we are only changing the name of the service. All previous links will keep working too, but you should update your bookmarks and links.

SensioLabs is still the main sponsor of the Symfony project, but now more focused on providing solutions based on Symfony and PHP. We are glad that they are an active part of the Symfony community and help us drive the project forward.

Time for Symfony to show that it can grow on its own.

Besides, the Symfony family now includes:

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"""Symfony..., I'm going ahead of myself now, stay tuned for the announcement of the next member of our great family!"""
Blackfire becomes SymfonyProfiler? :D
Finally! That's the logical move for Connect :)
@AlexRock I would say it is unlikely, as Blackfire also became its own independent company
SensioLabs University becomes Symfony University? :)
SymfonyFire same as Alex but with another name :p

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