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symfony 1.1.3 released

The 1.1.3 maintenance version of symfony is published today, less than two weeks after the previous 1.1.2 maintenance release.

It fixes an important regression in the cache:clear command line code introduced in 1.1.2, which could break any project migrated from symfony 1.0 (more information). Plus, several other minor bugs have been fixed.

You're invited to upgrade to this latest version to prevent problems using the cache:clear command.

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thanks a lot for continous updating. Great effort
Nice :)

though sf reports as 1.1.4-DEV for me...
Jarod51: this is normal, the next release from the 1.1 branch will be the 1.1.4, but it's still under development.

The version in the tag is 1.1.3, though.

baold: hello, man.
what's up with the full article no longer published in the feed?
I'd some problems upgrading from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3 on Wintox with pear
Nice update, yet i miss the actual changelog on the main page, maybe nice website update?

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