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symfony 1.3 goes beta

The symfony team is happy to announce the immediate availability of symfony 1.3 beta 1! We have made a number of enhancements since 1.3 alpha 2 went out, just two weeks ago, which are described below.

Along with designating the 1.3 branch with beta status, we are now shifting our focus from enhancing the framework to shoring up its stability. This means the API is locked and you should feel free to begin testing your existing projects against the 1.3 codebase (we encourage you to do so!). Instructions for upgrading a symfony 1.2 project can be found in the upgrade tutorial.

Cascading Plugin Schemas

You can now modify schemas defined in Doctrine plugins using the same principle of a configuration cascade used throughout symfony. No need to create a specially named file or designate a particular package, just add the model you want to modify to your schema file and your definition will be merged into the plugin's. As an added benefit, this cascade also allows one plugin to extend the schema from another.

Is your markup valid?

Wait, let us answer that for you. We've added a new method to the functional test framework that will make sure you are sending a well-formed response. You can even ask symfony to validate your response against its document type.

You say builders, I say behaviors

The custom builders that symfony has relied on to extend Propel since the beginning have been ported to Propel 1.4's new native behaviors system. This means you now have full access to the power of Propel behaviors without any interference from symfony's builders.


Generated form and Doctrine model classes are now marked up with type-hinting comments to help your IDE of choice provide more powerful code-completion. Lazy fingers rejoice!

Colorful Windows

If you've installed ANSICON on your Windows box, symfony now colorizes its CLI output for your visual pleasure.

These are just the major enhancements added since 1.3 alpha 2 was released two weeks ago. A complete description of what symfony 1.3 brings can be found in the What's New documentation.

What's Next?

Like I mentioned above, the core team is now focusing its attention on the stability of the 1.3 branch. This means that now is the optimial time for you to upgrade one of your projects and submit any issues you find to Trac. The first Release Candidate will be out in another two weeks, which will be here before you can say "backslash," so please test your code against symfony 1.3 beta 1 sooner than later.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Thanks again team for this release!!!

I got an error.. generating the forms..

C:\desarrolloweb\sfprojects\desarrollosur>symfony propel:build-form
>> propel generating form classes

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FOREACH, expecting T_FUNCTION in C:\desarrolloweb\sfprojects\desarrollosur\plugins\sfGuardPlugin\lib\model\om\BasesfGuardGroupPermissionPeer.php on line 1227

What's up ?? tanks in advance Kris.
Is there a new link for ANSICON? Geocities has this message: GEOCITIES IS CLOSING ON OCTOBER 26, 2009.
New GeoCities accounts are no longer available. :)
@Matias - thanks for the heads up, I've updated the link
Excellent work guys!!!,
I'd like to test it right away, but I think I have to wait until weekend! :D
great news!
by the way, ask something for 1.2x
could i generate fixtrue data by cli from exisiting database data ?
1.3 Is shaping up to be a very nice release if you ask me:-)
And for everybody who would like to incorporate mark-up validation in projects but cannot use 1.3, I wrote a plugin for markup validation a few months ago ( it can easily be incorporated within existing unit tests. The plugin connects to the validator but can also use a local instance of the validator.

I have a problem with download from pear channel

[[email protected] ~]# pear download symfony/symfony-1.3.0BETA1
Failed to download symfony/symfony, version "1.3.0BETA1", latest release is version 1.3.0ALPHA2, stability "alpha", use "channel://" to install
Cannot initialize 'symfony/symfony-1.3.0BETA1', invalid or missing package file
Package "symfony/symfony-1.3.0BETA1" is not valid
download failed
Lack of auto-complete in the IDE with Doctrine is the one thing that kept me from moving to it.

I'm certainly going to give it a go now we have this support. Thank you!
The beta seems broken with Propel, it was ok with alpha2.

It cannot build model because of syntax error when adding something like that

// symfony_behaviors behavior
foreach (sfMixer::getCallables('BaseTable:doUpdate:post') as $sf_hook)
call_user_func($sf_hook, 'Table', $values, $con, $ret);
@M: I have fixed the PEAR channel. You can retry by first clearing your local PEAR cache with:

pear clear-cache
And if you want to contribute to symfony 1.3, feel free to join the symfony BugHuntDay! Check the earlier blog post about this :)
Great, thanks for the fast progress on SF1.3, it's impressive.

I have a question for clarification on the plugin repository on this site, is it planned to extend it to explicitly identify 1.3-compatible plugins?
I guess that while the vast majority of SF1.2-compatible plugins would be forward compatible to SF1.3 as they are today already, there are some which aren't, e.g. due to changes on YAML parser.

@ Fabien

I just want to ask you to discuss upgrading problems on the developer mailing list. Or if there are clear bugs open a ticket.
Comments here are likely to be forgotten soon.
@Raphael: I have just added a new 1.3 section to the plugin section.
Wow... great! :-) Merci et salut's RAPHAEL
Any chance of bug #6651 being fixed for symfony 1.3 ?

It's been opened for 4 months and there's not been any update.

Thanks in advance,

I get this message when I type in "pear install symfony/symfony-1.3.0BETA1" my command line:
"symfony/symfony is already installed and is newer than detected released version 1.3.0BETA1"

I am using symfony 1.3.0ALPHA2 at the moment.
I have the same problem as xplo.
I get a error when i try to generate form or filter classes.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FOREACH, expecting T_FUNCTION in MY_FILE on line MY_LINE

I couldn't find anything about this so am wondering if this has been looked at already?
I got an error.. generating the forms..

>> propel generating form classes

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FOREACH, expecting T_FUNCTION in D:\xamp
p\htdocs\prof\lib\model\om\BaseJobeetAffiliatePeer.php on line 566

i tried in symfony 1.3 and 1.4 how can be possible ? they are a lot of comments about this old bug , you made a new release !!! with the same bug !
Hi, I've got the some problem like lukas with sfGuard plugin. When I was upgradeing my project from 1.2.8 to 1.3.0 and after typeing "symfony propel:build --all-classes", and starting it, i saw "Parse error: parse error, expecting `T_FUNCTION' in D:\Programy\wamp\www\new\pracus\plugins\sfGuardPlugin\lib\model\om\BasesfGuardUserPeer.php on line 593".

How can I get fix this error?

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