Symfony 2.0.23 released

Warning: Symfony 2.0 is no longer supported. Consider upgrading your applications to the most recent Symfony version.

Symfony 2.0.23 has just been released. This is the last release for the Symfony 2.0 branch.

This last 2.0 version comes with some minor bug fixes:

  • f8812b2: [Form] Fixed "label" option to accept the value "0"
  • cb03074: [DomCrawler] lowered parsed protocol string (fixes #6986)
  • 87f3db7: [EventDispathcer] Fix removeListener
  • bd0ad92: [DependencyInjection] Allow frozen containers to be dumped to graphviz
  • a12744e: Add dot character . to legal mime subtype regular expression
  • ddf4678: [HttpFoundation] fixed the creation of sub-requests under some circumstancies (closes #6923, closes #6936)
  • 74f2fcf: fixed a circular call (closes #6864)
  • 4119caf: [DependencyInjection] fixed the creation of synthetic services in ContainerBuilder
  • ce38069: [FrameworkBundle] fixed Client::doRequest that must call its parent method (closes #6737)
  • 53ccc2c: [Yaml] fixed ignored text when parsing an inlined mapping or sequence (closes #6786)
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tipe bak
Here are the deps and deps.lock URLs for this release:
53ccc2c --> the YAML component now reports me an error in my config.yml that was not found in 2.0.22, great.

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