symfony Camp 2008 - Day 1

symfony Camp started yesterday with a symfony 1.1 training but today is the first conference day.

symfony camp symfony camp tents

People are coming from all over the world (Germany, Netherlands, France, USA, Poland, ...). More than 80 people showed up and before we started the conference, Lambert, from DOP, organized a small game to help us know each other. It was very funny.

Then, I talked about the REST support in symfony 1.2 and then, I gave a talk about the Dependency Injection Container we will have in symfony 2.

Fabien Potencier Jonathan Wage

After lunch, Dustin Whittle talked about the "Lessons learned at Yahoo" and Fabian Lange gave some tips on "symfony performance". That was enough for symfony. So, Jonathan Wage came on stage to talk about Doctrine.

At the end of day, we had a great discussion about the symfony community and how you can help the symfony project. Kris Wallsmith is the new community manager and he will coordinate the efforts. So, if you want to contribute something, whether it is a translation, a new cookbook tutorial, a use case, or whatever you can come up with, please send him an email and he will try to help you out (kris.wallsmith

Tonight, we will have a barbecue party and we will play with some symfony money!

symfony money

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Have fun at Symfony Camp ! I hope I could come at the next sessions.

You'll spend the symfony money that every developper has saved by using his favorite framework ^^

Use symfony => save time and money =>go to the symfony Camp and eat some good barbecues !!!

A challenge for you - can you get a photo of anyone looking smart? Would loved to have been there, but I'd have looked a fish out of water... (black) T-shirts just ain't my scene!
Peter: every single developer working with symfony looks and is smart ;)
I would love to be there..

Anyway, thank you for putting the slides on the web. I think that "symfony performance" is one of the most useful presentation I have ever read on symfony. Any symfony user should read it...
Thanks for keeping us, who could not participate up 2 date with some handouts & drafts :)
Slides are great, thanks, but it would be nice so see some videos too :-)
disturbedHR: I've already made some recordings. There will not be full session recordings, but I will make a video impression of the event.
I was unable to attend because of uni exams. So how about another one in Netherlands next spring? :)

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