Symfony2 CMF Camp

Not yet decided what to do for the summer holiday this year? Do you just feel like going to the country of pizza, pasta, beautiful women and attractive men? Or are you more into contributing to Symfony2 and it's future? Whatever the reason you may have, next week is a good time to be in Italy. More specifically: Cesena. Because next week (July 29 and 30), the Symfony2 CMF Camp will take place there. A two-day meeting to talk, discuss, code, eat, drink and have fun.

What this is about, you wonder? Symfony2 CMF is an effort started by the symfony community to build a Content Management Framework on top of Symfony2. The CMF will basically be a set of bundles and components that make developing a CMS easier, without tying you into a specific CMS logic. While discussions about this have been going on for a while, there is still a lot of room for input and contributions. Code, documentation, testing, lots of things can easily be contributed.

And isn't it awesome that this Symfony2 CMS Camp is completely free? That is, you'll have to pay for travel, and together you'll figure out where and how to spend the night. And during the two days, you'll spend your time coding, discussing and having fun at the Ideato offices.

If you want more information, or you want to register for one of the couple of places still available for this event, then head over to the Symfony2 CMF Camp website.

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Oh dear ! Indeed, italian women are the cutest girls in the world, at least of Europe ! Italian men... don't care of them ;)

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