The end of symfony 1

Symfony 4 has been released a month ago; the latest major version of symfony 1 was released 8 years ago. Its end of life was reached 5 years ago.

Why a blog post about symfony 1 then? Because SensioLabs is still maintaining the symfony 1 infrastructure: mainly the subversion server and the plugin platform. I think it's time to move on and sunset the platform. We will shut down the Symfony 1 infrastructure at the end of February 2018. If there is enough interest, we will probably keep the API documentation and downloadable artefacts somewhere on But you won't be able to start new projects via Subversion or install new plugins. Note that existing projects won't be affected in any way.

Adieu symfony 1.

Help the Symfony project!

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symfony (without the 'S') opened the opportunity for PHP to have professional tools for developing web applications.
RIP sf 1, with ❤️.
What great memories of the first versions of this framework! I still keep the symfony 1 books and my very first symfony 1.x project is still alive.

Thanks to the entire team, you boosted my career as a web developer!
Is it not possible to migrate the svn repository to Github, at least? Or put the plugins on a specific Github repo?

Maybe a "symfony1" organization could be created to keep a nice track on this :)
@Alex the symfony1 repo is already on github (as an archived repo, so read-only).
Wow, that means we are working with symfony for a decade now! What a great framework! We migrated projects to the latest versions, but we also have one big project still running on 1.4. Therefore we would appreciate if you keep those symfony docs online. Would it be an option if we host the docs? That would give us and others working with 1.4 access to the docs (and save you the hosting cost). Please contact me if that’s an option…
I still remember writing partial templates starting with `_` and all that good old stuff :) sfContext anyone ? What an adventure it has been!
sfContext::getInstance() brings back so many memories!
Long time ago symfony 1.0 was the reason I sticked to PHP as my primary language instead of moving somewhere else. Later Symfony 2 gave me even more reasons to stay, but that's another story :)
Ah, good old times where i almost started a project on symfony 1 before moving away because of a documentation bug in the Jobeet tutorial :)
Adieu symfony 1! Adieu Jobeet!
Absolutely keep the docs up :) I just migrated an s1 app to s3 a few months ago, and I'm sure there will be actively-maintained s1 apps out there for a while
All the docs are already on and we won't remove anything.
Adieu symfony 1. Thanks community
Bye bye Symfony 1. Thank you for all !
sfActAsGoodbyeAblePlugin... :( RIP old friend !

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