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The Jobeet demo and feedback

Today, I have taken the time to put online the long-overdue Jobeet demo website.

As for the askeet website, you are now able to test the final result of the Jobeet tutorial online and have a look at what is being developed during the 24 lessons.

Since the publication of the Jobeet tutorial, I have received a lot of positive feedback directly by email, via tweets, or via blog posts. The translation team have also done a tremendous job and the tutorial is now fully available and kept up-to-date in Spanish, Italian, and Vietnamese. And that makes me really happy.

I have also checked the symfony project website statistics and found some quite interesting numbers. In just three months, the Jobeet tutorial has generated more than a million unique page views. Comparatively to the askeet tutorial that was released three years ago, that's already more than half of its total unique page views!

Even if you already know symfony quite well, I think it is worth having a look at it to learn new tricks. If you are not convinced yet, I recommend you to read the latest Ryan Weaver post about his experience with Jobeet.

If you have not yet had the time to read the Jobeet tutorial, and want to discover the real power of symfony 1.2, order your printed copy today (for Propel or Doctrine), or start reading it online (for Propel or Doctrine).

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Awesome thanks Fabien,

One thing though - When I go to

I get a blank page.

@john: fixed now. thanks.
Merci Beaucoup Fabien.

Such a wonderfull example of what symfony 1.2 can bring to everyone.

Good job!

You thing that's really irritating:
When you read a page of the doctrine tutorial (e.g.
and what to go back to the index page by clicking on the header or the jobeet image then you end up at the propel guide! And you may not even recognise it at first because it's pretty hidden.
Change that please.
Fabien - Great to see the demo site now - I thought I was missing something. Thanks for the link - that was a pleasant surprise this morning!
@Tobias: fixed.
@Fabien: I don't see it's fixed yet.
The "Jobeet API" link doesn't work.
Think there's something not quite right with the site. I went to post a test job, hit the preview button after filling out the form, and I got a preview for a totally different job - obviously a test that someone else had made.

Hit the delete button and got a 404.
I confirm matt's bug.
Great news !
But French localization is not working... nearly everything is in english, even the form to post a job... :-(
The problem with a different message being shown in post preview still persists. Clicking the "Edit" link on preview opens the "fantom" post in the edit mode (clicking "Delete" or "Publish" produces a "Page not found" error). The interesting quirk is that in the preview it shows (to me at least) a post that is already published. Weird.

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