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How to customize a Method Behavior without using Inheritance

How to customize a Method Behavior without using Inheritance

Doing something before or after a Method Call

If you want to do something just before, or just after a method is called, you can dispatch an event respectively at the beginning or at the end of the method:

class Foo
    // ...

    public function send($foo, $bar)
        // do something before the method
        $event = new FilterBeforeSendEvent($foo, $bar);
        $this->dispatcher->dispatch('foo.pre_send', $event);

        // get $foo and $bar from the event, they may have been modified
        $foo = $event->getFoo();
        $bar = $event->getBar();

        // the real method implementation is here
        $ret = ...;

        // do something after the method
        $event = new FilterSendReturnValue($ret);
        $this->dispatcher->dispatch('foo.post_send', $event);

        return $event->getReturnValue();

In this example, two events are thrown: foo.pre_send, before the method is executed, and foo.post_send after the method is executed. Each uses a custom Event class to communicate information to the listeners of the two events. These event classes would need to be created by you and should allow, in this example, the variables $foo, $bar and $ret to be retrieved and set by the listeners.

For example, assuming the FilterSendReturnValue has a setReturnValue method, one listener might look like this:

public function onFooPostSend(FilterSendReturnValue $event)
    $ret = $event->getReturnValue();
    // modify the original ``$ret`` value


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