You are browsing the documentation for Symfony 3.4 which is not maintained anymore.

Consider upgrading your projects to Symfony 5.3.

How to Debug the Service Container & List Services

How to Debug the Service Container & List Services

You can find out what services are registered with the container using the console. To show all services and the class for each service, run:

$ php bin/console debug:container

By default, only public services are shown, but you can also view private services:

$ php bin/console debug:container --show-private

To see a list of all of the available types that can be used for autowiring, run:

$ php bin/console debug:autowiring

New in version 3.4: The debug:autowiring command was introduced in Symfony 3.3.

Detailed Info about a Single Service

You can get more detailed information about a particular service by specifying its id:

$ php bin/console debug:container 'AppBundle\Service\Mailer'

# to show the service arguments:
$ php bin/console debug:container 'AppBundle\Service\Mailer' --show-arguments

New in version 3.3: The --show-arguments option was introduced in Symfony 3.3.

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