When applied to an array (or Traversable object), this constraint allows you to apply a collection of constraints to each element of the array.

Applies to property or method
Class All
Validator AllValidator

Basic Usage

Suppose that you have an array of strings and you want to validate each entry in that array:

Now, each entry in the favoriteColors array will be validated to not be blank and to be at least 5 characters long.



type: array [default option]

This required option is the array of validation constraints that you want to apply to each element of the underlying array.


type: mixed default: null

2.6The payload option was introduced in Symfony 2.6.

This option can be used to attach arbitrary domain-specific data to a constraint. The configured payload is not used by the Validator component, but its processing is completely up to you.

For example, you may want to use several error levels to present failed constraints differently in the front-end depending on the severity of the error.

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