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Newsflash: SymfonyCon Paris 2015 is less than two weeks away, it's now Awards time!

SymfonyCon Paris 2015 is coming fast, less than 2 weeks before the conference! You can now vote for the Symfony Community Awards and you can still vote for the Symfony Business Awards on the showcase. See you very soon!

Symfony 2.7.7 released

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Symfony 2.6.12 released

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Symfony 2.3.35 released

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CVE-2015-8125: Potential Remote Timing Attack Vulnerability in Security Remember-Me Service

CVE-2015-8125 fixes a potential remote timing attack vulnerability in Security remember-me service.

CVE-2015-8124: Session Fixation in the "Remember Me" Login Feature

CVE-2015-8124 fixes a session fixation in the "Remember Me" login feature.

A week of symfony #464 (16-22 November 2015)

This week, the first beta of Symfony 2.8.0 and the first beta of Symfony 3.0.0 were released. In addition, we published an article about using Symfony as a microframework. Lastly, there were some tech discussions about the security voters and the need of the log folder.

New in Symfony 2.8: Symfony as a Microframework

Symfony 2.8 introduces a new microkernel trait which enables to use Symfony as a microframework. This will greatly simplify the creation of single-file (or just smaller) Symfony applications.

SymfonyCon Paris 2015 is still on!

Paris, the city of light, was plunged into temporary darkness last weekend, but united we will find the strength to keep moving forward. In spite of these terrible attacks, the conference is going ahead as planned on its initial dates.

Symfony 3.0.0-BETA1 released

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