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PSR-7 Support in Symfony is Here

PSR-7 support in Symfony is here! Introducing the new PSR HTTP Message Bridge: a library to translate between the PSR-7 interfaces and Symfony's Request and Response objects. Framework users can also use PSR-7 objects immediately in your controller.

Symfony 2.7.0 released

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Symfony 2.6.9 released

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Symfony 2.3.30 released

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CVE-2015-4050: ESI unauthorized access

CVE-2015-4050 fixes unauthorized access when using ESI.

Symfony 2.6.8 released

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Symfony 2.5.12 released

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Symfony 2.3.29 released

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A week of symfony #438 (18->24 May 2015)

This week, Symfony project resumed the biweekly IRC meetings to discuss about its own development. In addition, a new Symfony Docs Hack Day was organized with great success. Finally, after the approval of the PSR-7 specification, a working group has been set up to integrate it into Symfony.

Symfony Dev IRC Meetings are Back!

Bi-weekly Symfony development meetings are back! If you're interested in the core development process of have something to add, join us on IRC #symfony-dev