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A week of symfony #529 (13-19 February 2017)

This week, the DependencyInjection component continued focusing most of the development activity. Its most significant change was the support for named arguments. Meanwhile, we updated tests to use the new PHPUnit namespaces and we introduced support for using glob patterns everywhere to load configuration files.

New in Symfony 3.3: Deprecated the autowiring types

In Symfony 3.3, the "autowiring-types" option is deprecated in favor of defining simple service aliases.

Symfony 3.2.4 released

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New in Symfony 3.3: Import config files with glob patterns

In Symfony 3.3, configuration files can import other resources using "glob patterns" to make them simpler and easier to maintain.

New in Symfony 3.3: Custom YAML tags

In Symfony 3.3 you can define your own YAML tags, which are mostly used to define explicit data types.

A week of symfony #528 (6-12 February 2017)

This week, the Symfony Demo application reached an important milestone with the release of its 1.0.0 version. Meanwhile, Symfony 3.3 added support for PSR-11 containers and custom Yaml tags.

Symfony Demo 1.0.0 released

The "Symfony Demo application", a fully-functional Symfony application developed as a learning resource, reaches 1.0.0 version and we show you its best new features.

New in Symfony 3.3: Getter autowiring

Symfony 3.3 adds support for "getter autowiring" in PHP 7 applications to improve the RAD features available for Symfony applications.

New in Symfony 3.3: PSR-11 containers

Symfony 3.3 containers implement a standard called "PSR-11: Container Interface" to increase application interoperability.

Symfony 3.2.3 released

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