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A week of symfony #416 (15->21 December 2014)

This week, Symfony project finished testing minimal versions of Symfony requirements for all its components. In addition, the upcoming Symfony 2.7 version introduced its first feature: inherited security roles are now displayed in the web profiler.

The Sound of Symfony

The Sound of Symfony is the first podcast dedicated solely dedicated to Symfony. Discover this new community resource and listen to the special SymfonyCon conference episode which has just been published.

New in Symfony 2.7: Inherited security roles in the web profiler

In Symfony 2.7 web profiler you'll get the full security role information for the user, including the direct roles and the inherited ones.

Testing minimal versions of Symfony requirements

Composer recently added two options to simplify testing the minimal requirements for projects. Thanks to these options, Symfony has fixed the requirements for all its components.

Going SOA with Symfony2: A year and a half down the road

A case study about a Symfony application that relies on microservices to implement a Service-Oriented Architecture.

A week of symfony #415 (08->14 December 2014)

This week continued the discussions about the best way to display warnings for deprecated features in Symfony 2.7. Meanwhile, the Symfony project introduced a new initiative called The 500 + 100 Challenge to clean the backlog of pending issues for code and documentation repositories before the end of the year.

The Symfony 500 + 100 Challenge

The end of the year is approaching, and we think that this is the best time to do some backlog cleaning before fresh starting the new year.

New in Symfony 2.6: VarDumper component

Symfony 2.6 includes a new VarDumper component which aims to replace the well-known var_dump() PHP function with a more modern and fully-featured alternative called dump().

A week of symfony #414 (01->07 December 2014)

This week, Symfony included one of the longest-running feature request: the Symfony container no longer contains absolute file paths. This will allow offline cache warmups and chrooting of Symfony applications. Meanwhile, the removal of deprecated features in Symfony 3.x branch continued with some Monolog and Process methods.

Symfony 2.6.1 released

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