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New in Symfony 2.6: Improvements for the Translation component

Symfony 2.6 will include some improvements for the Translation component: adding the target language when dumping XLIFF files, a new method to expose collected messages, a new message catalogue cache and the logging of missing translations.

New in Symfony 2.6: AJAX requests in the web debug toolbar

In Symfony 2.6, the web debug toolbar will include a new panel called AJAX to boost your productivity while debugging applications. This panel shows in real-time the number of AJAX requests performed in the page being displayed.

Getting ready for SymfonyLive Berlin 2014

SymfonyLive Berlin 2014 is coming fast!

New in Symfony 2.6: Simpler Security Voters

Symfony 2.6 will allow to define much simpler security voters thanks to the new AbstractVoter class.

Symfony 2.5.5 released

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Symfony 2.4.10 released

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Symfony 2.3.20 released

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A week of symfony #404 (22->28 September 2014)

This week finished the development phase for the upcoming Symfony 2.6 version. Development activity was frantic to include all the great features that will be polished during the two month stabilization phase. Meanwhile, the Symfony Live London 2014 conference took place with great success. Next conference: Symfony Live New York 2014

New in Symfony 2.6: Date support for Validator constraints

Comparing dates is one of the most frequently requested functionalities for the Symfony Validator component. That's why Symfony 2.6 will include date support for comparison and range constraints.

New in Symfony 2.6: New shortcut methods for controllers

Symfony 2.6 will add five new helpers to the base controller class: redirectToRoute(), addFlash(), isGranted(), denyAccessUnlessGranted() and isCsrfTokenValid().