What is Symfony

« Symfony is a set of PHP Components, a Web Application framework, a Philosophy, and a Community — all working together in harmony. »

Symfony Framework

The leading PHP framework to create websites and web applications. Built on top of the Symfony Components.

Symfony Components

A set of decoupled and reusable components on which the best PHP applications are built on, such as Drupal, phpBB and eZ Publish.

Symfony Community

A huge community of Symfony fans committed to take PHP to the next level.

Symfony Philosophy

Embracing and promoting professionalism, best practices, standardization and interoperability of applications.

Symfony Project stats

  • +1,000 code contributors
  • +300,000 Symfony developers
  • +1,000,000 monthly downloads

The Symfony Ecosystem

These well-known PHP projects have also originated from or around Symfony project:

  • Silex, the PHP microframework built on top of Symfony Components
  • Twig, the fast, safe and modern PHP templating engine
  • Swiftmailer, the no-brainer solution to get your emails delivered