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Anne-Sophie Bachelard
J-4 avant le SymfonyLive Paris 2014 !
by Anne-Sophie Bachelard – April 03, 2014

Le SymfonyLive Paris 2014 c'est lundi et mardi, voici les dernières nouvelles de la conférence ! Il est encore temps de vous inscrire mais dépêchez-vous !

Yoav Kutner
OroCRM, the new kid on the Symfony2 block
by Yoav Kutner – March 03, 2014

There are many hard and risky decisions that need to be made when starting a new open-source project. We wanted to share with you how for OroCRM one of the best decisions we have made so far is selecting the Symfony2 framework to create our vision.

Anne-Sophie Bachelard
Le programme du SymfonyLive Paris 2014 est en ligne !
by Anne-Sophie Bachelard – March 03, 2014

Découvrez le programme complet du SymfonyLive Paris 2014.

Anne-Sophie Bachelard
SymfonyLive Paris 2014
by Anne-Sophie Bachelard – January 23, 2014

Save the date for the second full French edition of SymfonyLive Paris 2014: April 7-8

Anne-Sophie Bachelard
SymfonyLive Berlin and SymfonyCon Warsaw talks are available on SensioLabs YouTube channel
by Anne-Sophie Bachelard – January 22, 2014

Relive SymfonyLive Berlin and SymfonyCon Warsaw on SensioLabs YouTube channel.

Lukas Kahwe Smith
FOSRestBundle security issue with JSONP handler
by Lukas Kahwe Smith – January 22, 2014

FOSRestBundle security issue with JSONP handler

Javier Eguiluz
A quick roundup of the upcoming Symfony events
by Javier Eguiluz – January 21, 2014

A quick roundup of the upcoming Symfony events in France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal and Mexico.

Anne-Sophie Bachelard
SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013 was a blast!
by Anne-Sophie Bachelard – December 20, 2013

A week now since the SymfonyCon took place for the first time ever. For this first edition, Warsaw welcomed us for an entire week of Symfony! It was a real pleasure to see you all there and we really hope you had a great time with us.

Anne-Sophie Bachelard
D-13 before SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013!
by Anne-Sophie Bachelard – November 27, 2013

SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013 is around the corner! We’re so exciting about it and I hope you all too! Here is a recap of what you need to know in order not to miss anything happening during this awesome conference!

Andreas Hucks
Good-bye Symfony Live Berlin 2013!
by Andreas Hucks – November 27, 2013

On November 7th and 8th, some 270 Symfonians met in Berlin for Symfony Live Berlin 2013. This year’s conference had a few new things in store.

Anne-Sophie Bachelard
Symfony Community and Business Awards 2013 are online!
by Anne-Sophie Bachelard – November 22, 2013

Exciting news, we launched the second edition of the [Symfony Awards](!

Magnus Nordlander
November Camp by Symfony Sweden
by Magnus Nordlander – November 13, 2013

In just 9 days, on November 22nd, Symfony Sweden is hosting the first ever Swedish Symfony conference, November Camp, at the luxurious Hilton Slussen in Stockholm.

Fabien Potencier
The Symfony Family
by Fabien Potencier – November 08, 2013

Open-Source projects using Symfony finally get some exposure on

David Buchmann
The Symfony CMF released its first stable version
by David Buchmann – October 16, 2013

The Symfony Content Management Framework has released its first stable version.

Andreas Hucks
Symfony Live Berlin 2013
by Andreas Hucks – October 11, 2013

Symfony Live Berlin 2013

Fabien Potencier
Symfony Website Updates
by Fabien Potencier – October 04, 2013

Lately, we've been busy improving the Symfony website.