All about the activities and events related to the Symfony community.

The end of the Symfony Installer

The Symfony Installer tool end of life is scheduled for November 2020, when Symfony 3.4 will not be supported anymore.

The end of Silex

The current stable version of Silex is still maintained for bugs and security issues. But its end of life is set to June 2018.

The end of the Symfony Standard Edition

Thanks to Flex and the new skeletons, it's time to retire the Symfony Standard Edition.

Next steps for the diversity initiative

In order to improve the diversity of the Symfony community we need to work on two main topics: 1) become more diversity friendly and 2) attracting and integrating people from marginalized communities. As possible next steps several ideas have been collected and added to the new [diversity repository]( All community members are invited to add their own ideas, add comments to existing ideas or champion ideas to bring them to life!

Say Thanks to the Libraries you Depend on

Give thanks (in the form of a GitHub ⭐) to your fellow PHP package maintainers with the new "thanks" Composer plugin!

SymfonyLive Paris conference is coming, early bird registration now available!

The SymfonyLive Paris is the French edition of the SymfonyLive conference and therefore entirely held in French.

Let's grow the Symfony community

The diversity initiative is about growing our community by ensuring a safe environment for under represented groups and empowering them to become productive members of our community.

The SymfonyCon Cluj 2017 is a wrap!

What a groundbreaking success! If you were one of the lucky 800 to attend the annual Symfony conference in the beautiful city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, you know that the SymfonyCon Cluj marked a special moment for the Symfony community.

Symfony 2017 Community Awards Winners

The winners of the Symfony 2017 Community Awards were announced during the closing ceremony of the past SymfonyCon Cluj 2017 conference. These awards recognize the accomplishments of different individuals within the Symfony Community.

The Diversity Initiative

Diversity is one of the 5 initiative I announced during SymfonyCon Cluj. Let's make the Symfony community 10 times better.