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Symfony User Group Cologne with "Ansible tips 'n' tricks" @SensioLabsDE

Hello everyone,

we are happy to invite you to our first Symfony User Group Cologne in this new year!
The last year was full of interesting and various talks around Symfony.
Therefore we are thrilled to continue in this new fresh year with an informative talk with lots of insider tips around Ansible!

It will be located in our office in Cologne.
Beginning at 18:30
We´re looking forward to welcome you to this evening

Symfony UK: Functional Programming & Lightning Talks

In the main talk Zsolt Szende will introduce you to Functional Programming by weaving seemingly unrelated concepts into a coherent story of FP, using PHP as the vehicle of expressing these ideas. The side effect (pun intended) of having a grasp of FP will make you a better Symfony developer.

Grzegorz Kaszuba will speak about multi-tenant database architecture with Symfony and Doctrine.

Ayan Ozturk and Carlos Jimenez will share their experience with breaking down and deploying a monolith.

SymfonyLive Paris 2017

The French SymfonyLive conference will be organized in Paris on March 30th-31st at the Cite Internationale Universitaire of Paris.

Registration and CFP are open, you can now book your workshop and conference ticket combo! Workshop schedule is already available.

Agenda of the event:
-March 28th and 29th: two-day workshops
-March 30th and 31st: two-day conferences

See you there!

Web Summer Camp 2017

Spend the last days of summer immersed in hands-on & engaging PHP and Symfony workshops!

Web Summer Camp will for the 6th time be a gathering place for experts, experienced professionals, and young eager learners from all over the world.

Call for Papers and Call for Sponsors are open, tickets are on the way!

This is what it was like last year: