Living on the edge

New in Symfony 3.3: Getter injection

Symfony 3.3 adds a new experimental dependency injection mechanism called "getter injection".

New in Symfony 3.3: Deprecated the autowiring types

In Symfony 3.3, the "autowiring-types" option is deprecated in favor of defining simple service aliases.

New in Symfony 3.3: Import config files with glob patterns

In Symfony 3.3, configuration files can import other resources using "glob patterns" to make them simpler and easier to maintain.

New in Symfony 3.3: Custom YAML tags

In Symfony 3.3 you can define your own YAML tags, which are mostly used to define explicit data types.

New in Symfony 3.3: Getter autowiring

Symfony 3.3 adds support for "getter autowiring" in PHP 7 applications to improve the RAD features available for Symfony applications.

New in Symfony 3.3: PSR-11 containers

Symfony 3.3 containers implement a standard called "PSR-11: Container Interface" to increase application interoperability.

New in Symfony 3.3: Automatic Console logging

In Symfony 3.3 we decided to enable automatic console logging, so you'll get log messages when an exception occurs during the execution of a command and when the exit status of the command is different than 0.

New in Symfony 3.3: Simple Cache

Symfony 3.3 adds a new simpler cache based on the PSR-16 standard that complements the existing PSR-6 based cache mechanism and it's optimized to store, fetch and remove items from a cache as easy as possible.

New in Symfony 3.3: Dotenv component

Symfony 3.3 includes a new component called Dotenv to parse and load .env files that define environment variables for your applications.

New in Symfony 3.3: Dependency Injection deprecations

In Symfony 3.3, the DependencyInjection component has deprecated the possibility of dumping an uncompiled container, the DefinitionDecorator class and the case-insensitivity of service identifiers.