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[Video] REST dans le monde Symfony

Last month, I gave a talk on REST and Symfony at PHP Tour Lyon 2014, organized by the french foundation of French speaking PHP users (AFUP). Congratulations to the team, this event was a blast! You will find the video of my talk (in French, sorry) below: And, here are my slides: I used the symfony-rest-edition and Propilex projects for the demos. If you attended my talk and did not rate it yet, please leave a comment on If you have any questions or remarks, comments are welcome ;-)

Learn Symfony2 - part 4: Controllers

This is the fourth article of the series on learning the Symfony2 framework. Have a look at the three first ones: Composer. Empty application. Bundles. In the previous articles we created a one-bundled empty application with the following files: . ├── app │   ├── AppKernel.php │   ├── cache │   │   └── .gitkeep │   ├── config │   │   └── [...]

SymfonyBricks upgraded to Symfony 2.5

The whole platform has been recently upgraded to Symfony v2.5. It was previously based on Sf 2.3, so the process involved two major releases. What I’d like to point out is that it was absolutely painless, and the time spent was less than 2 hours, comprehensive of the deployment. This has been possible for the amazing work […]

Continuous integration with Symfony2

There are many great articles that tells you why you should use continuous integration i.e. the one by Martin Fowler and the book This is Lean by Niklas Modig and Pär Ahlström. This article describes our workflow and what tools we use to achieve continuous integration and extreme programming. We are doing most of our developing in Symfony2 and we are using tools like Jenkins, Sonar, Ant and a bunch of homemade services and scripts.  We use Jenkins as a continuous integration server. [...]

Learn Symfony2 - part 3: Bundles

This is the third article of the series on learning the Symfony2 framework. Have a look at the two first ones: Composer. Empty application. In the previous articles we began to create an empty application with the following files: . ├── app │   ├── AppKernel.php │   ├── cache │   │   └── .gitkeep │   ├── config │   │   └── config.yml │   [...]

RESTing with Symfony: SOS

Two years ago, I wrote REST APIs with Symfony2: The Right Way, one of my most popular blog posts, but also one of the most well-known blog post about Symfony and REST. At first glance, I could enjoy this situation, but it actually makes me sad, and that is what I am going to explain here. Lukas and I give talks to spread the word about RESTing with Symfony for the last year now. Sure thing is that we have a nice set of components (libraries and bundles) that work well together, and provide a [...]

Sylius v0.10.0 released

Preview not available

Choose owning side in OneToOne relation

Many times I’ve come got to a situation where I h […] The post Choose owning side in OneToOne relation appeared first on Happyr Developer.

Accesing your dev environment from different devices

It can be painful to quickly show other people in your office what you are working on or check your page on a mobile device. With the help of this task is much easier. If you don't already know it you definitely should.

Learn Symfony2 - part 2: Empty application

This is the second article of the series on learning the Symfony2 framework. Have a look at the first one: Composer. In the first article we began to create an empty project with the following files: . ├── composer.json ├── composer.lock └── .gitignore Running composer install should create a vendor directory, which we ignored in git. We'll now see how to create an empty Symfony2 application. The front controller# First things first, we will [...]

How to sort and paginate a list with Symfony and Elasticsearch

In this post, we’re going to sort and paginate our articles list with Symfony, Elasticsearch and the WhiteOctoberPageFantaBundle. Paginate with Symfony is as easy as adding some properties to our Search model and ask the WhiteOctoberPageFantaBundle to handle the pagination. … Continue reading →The post How to sort and paginate a list with Symfony and Elasticsearch appeared first on Obtao.

Easily comply with Symfony2 coding style using CodeSniffer and PhpStorm Code Inspection

The goal of this article is to implement Symfony2 coding style in your PhpStorm editor. This will take you 5 minutes to configure your workspace. Symfony2 CodeSniffer installation You can follow the Opensky documentation to install the Symfony2 standard CodeSniffer Install phpcs: pear install PHP_CodeSniffer If you prefer using Composer, you can follow the PHP_CodeSniffer [...] Read more...

12 months of Symfony2

I got inspired to write this post after I read ‘Making the Symfony Experience *Exceptional*” Great initiatives has always been part of Symfony2 development and the latest DX initiative is no exception. When I decided to start using Symfony2 for developing my product, I felt the “steep learning curve” that everyone was referring to, however I […] The post 12 months of Symfony2 appeared first on PHP, Symfony and Myself.

The future of Sylius

Preview not available

Learn Symfony2 - part 1: Composer

You don't know anything about the Symfony2 framework, and you'd like a quick guide to learn how to use it, and how it works? Then this article is for you :) . Don't get me wrong: one day or another you'll have to read the documentation, and you'll have to practice a lot in order to master it. But forn now this guide should be a good start for you. In the first article of this series, you'll learn about Composer, which helps you with third party library installation and updates. Creating the [...]

How to create a custom Twig function in Symfony 2

Hi all, Did you ever wonder of creating your own custom twig function. For instance, assume that you are displaying set of url’s in your view (twig) file. Suddenly you want all or some of your url’s to be opened in a new tab once clicked. We all know this can easily be done by […]

New Twig functions to easily fetch nodes by internal name

We just added 2 extra Twig functions to easily fetch nodes by internal name.

deSymfonyDay Spain 2014 wrap-up

The annual Symfony conference in Spain took place last weekend. This time the conference had completely different format: one day, one track, shorter talks (30-40 min) and an unconference. There was also a limit on the number of attendees, 150, to promote a sociable networking experience. The conference was awesome. The event was held at the Casa Convalescència in Barcelona, a […] The post deSymfonyDay Spain 2014 wrap-up appeared first on ServerGrove.

Talk about SOLID and Symfony at the deSymfony 2014 conference.

Last saturday I attended to the deSymfony conference in Barcelona. A great opportunity to meet again with the PHP and Symfony community in Spain. This year the conference accepted my talk about SOLID and Symfony. Here you can see the slides of the talk (slides in spanish): The conference was perfect. Barcelona is an incredible […]

Drupal8.x and Symfony – Asset Component: Part IV Series

Tonight I took a look at the Asset component. I was a bit reluctant because by the looks of it I thought of it being large, many files and folders. It has a lot of implementation specific classes and things … Continue reading →