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Open files in PHPStorm from you Symfony application

If you want to open files in PHPStorm8 directly from the Symfony debug toolbar there is a neat trick you can use. This is very helpful when you quickly want to find a controller or when you got an exception. And that is pretty much it. You dont need to install PhpStormOpener, LinCastor or any other Apple script. This will work with PHPStorm8, Symfony2.6 and Mac OSX. Below is a picture to show where you should click to make PHPStorm open the controller used in this request. Read the post at [...]

An update of the Kunstmaan front-end workflow and a brand new demo-site

An overview of the changes in our front-end workflow @Kunstmaan

A fresh and updated administration interface and demo website for v3.1

We are pleased to announce that the frontend for the CMS in version 3.1 has gone through a major frontend cleanup. Read on to know what is changed and why this cleanup was necessary.

Symfony2 components overview: OptionsResolver

In the 13rd post of the Symfony2 components series we will be talking about one little but extremely useful component: OptionsResolver. This component helps us to reduce the boilerplate code required to create an options system with default parameters. As stated in the official docs, is array_replace on steroids. The problem I am pretty sure this […] The post Symfony2 components overview: OptionsResolver appeared first on ServerGrove.

Kunstmaan Bundles CMS v3.1.0 released

After a little over three months of hard work, we released the new and improved v3.1 of the Bundles CMS. This post shows some of the most prominent changes and updates for both administrators and developers.

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