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Doctrine2 QueryBuilder Executable SQL Without Running The Query

On one of our projects that I am working on I had the following problem: I needed to create an aggregate temporary table in the database from a few different queries while still using Doctrine2. I needed to aggregate the results in the database rather than memory as the result set could be very large […]

Managing Background Processes within Symfony

When a web application reaches a sufficiently large size, it can become infeasible to perform all actions required within a single web request/response life-cycle. You may find yourself wishing to for example - batch up and send queued emails at particular intervals, or process payments asynchronous to the point in-time the user made the initial request. In this post I would like to discuss our changing use of background processes (both time-dependent and continuous) due to increasing [...]

Episode 16 - Building a better bundle

In this episode we discuss what makes a good Symfony bundle, and how you as a bundle author can build a better bundle. Photo credit: bundle by foam (CC-BY-SA)

Sylius v1.0.0 Alpha released!

Preview not available

How to get more than Request in Controller Action

You already know you can get Request object in your controller action. Cool, but there is more. In Symfony 3.1 is new Action Argument Resolving feature, so you can get any service you need. With a bit of work. Today I will show you how. Disclaimer: What happened to controller constructor injection? I still prefer constructor injection in controllers. Are you asking why and how to achieve that in Symfony? In 3 minutes you will find out in my other article. I will wait here... ...ok. Now you are [...]

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