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Introducing API Platform (beta): the next generation PHP web framework

PHP celebrates its 20 years this week. In 20 years, the web changed dramatically and is now evolving faster than ever: Now that they are indexed by Google and thanks to awesome frontend technologies such as AngularJS or React, full-Javascript webapps are becoming the standard. Since 2014 … Continue reading →

Introducing the LeadGenerationBundle

The new LeadGenerationBundle has been created to make it easier for developers to build custom lead generation popups/modals for websites.

Symfony Differently - part 2: Bootstrap

This is the second article of the Symfony Differently series, Have a look at the first one: Introduction. Our goal in this post is to bootstrap an application to then create a search endpoint for items. We've decided to use Symfony for a single reason: our company Acme used it since the begining and the API developers team has Symfony and PHP skills. Note: Most frameworks have a good community support, a strong documentation, similar features and many developers available on the market. We'll [...]

“Sending and Testing Mails in Symfony” Presentation at #webdevbbq

Today, I gave a talk at #webdevbbq in Stuttgart, Germany about how to send and test mail delivery in Symfony. Here are the slides: Sending and Testing Mails in Symfony from Christoph Hautzinger The post “Sending and Testing Mails in Symfony” Presentation at #webdevbbq appeared first on Christoph Hautzinger.

Symfony 2 – How-to check user’s role in Voter

How-to make sure in a Voter that a user has the right role in the Symfony role hierarchy. first, two links. One to the Symfony 2 Voter’s documentation, and the second to the Access Decision Manager’s documentation. We will see…Read more ›

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