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What is Kint and why you should use it

So you’re a PHP developer, huh!? Well then you must be using var_dump or print_r. Well I’m going to show you that using them should go in history because there’s new kid in the block and his name is Kint. Kint is nothing but a debugging tool for PHP based projects. I have experience in using Kint only in Symfony2 projects. In Symfony2 projects you just add "raveren/kint": "1.0.*@dev" to your composer.json and update it. You don’t have to worry about including Kint in any of the files [...]

The new Symfony Best Practices

Yesterday the initial preview of the new Symfony Best Practices was made available. A document like this is something that the Symfony community has needed. It is a much appreciated effort by those involved in producing this. The existing documentation is great but in order to introduce individual concepts it is necessary to simplify things whether it is the concept being introduced or others to avoid being sidetracked and bogged down in details other than the one at hand. Symfony is a [...]

Why is Doctrine2 making extra queries by itself!?

If you see a lot of useless and not desired queries in your logs while hydrating a collection with Doctrine2, you may be in this edge case: Inverse side of x-to-one can never be lazy. That means you can’t just select the owning side of a X-To-One relasionship, because if you do so, each record hydrated will throw a new query at your database, and there is no way around this, as you can see in the Doctrine2 code. The only solution is to manualy add your LEFT JOIN and SELECT section. As [...]

Redirection after registration

Symfony Security bundle provides everything to deal with redirections after login. The most used is based on referer as many pages may require an authentication, and this way you just redirect to the pages that asked for identification. But what happens when user has no account, he needs to register and create its account. Here is a proper way to achieve redirection after registration, dealing

Symfony CMF wins CH Open Source Award 2014

The CMF was selected by the swiss open source organisation /ch/open to receive the OSS award. The jury describes the award as follows: "The OSS Awards recognise businesses, public authorities, open source communities and individuals who have used and developed open source software in an innovative and groundbreaking way." The convincing arguments for selecting the CMF is that the swiss company Liip started this initiative, but managed to make the CMF a tool that is used in various countries [...]

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