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Symfony events III - Delay treatment

Improve your app response time by running your listeners on kernel.terminate with the DelayedEventDispatcher.

Symfony events II - Doctrine

Adding Doctrine events to the equation.

Symfony events I - The basics

How Symfony events can help you build a better workflow for your application

Symfony CMF status update and PHPCR ODM 1.3 release

Progress has not been as steady as we had hoped this year. Behind the scenes we have added several tweaks and improvements to the various Bundles and components and are working on Symfony 2.8 and 3.0 support. Its not yet entirely clear if we will manage to support 3.0 right away though as it might be more feasible for us to do this only in new major versions which will require 2.8+. However for now we want to maintain compatibility with Symfony 2.3+ if possible until next spring. What is [...]

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