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The PHP Security Advisories Database

A year and a half ago, I was very proud to announce a new initiative to create a database of known security vulnerabilities for projects using Composer. It has been a great success so far; many people extended the database with their own advisories. As of today, we have vulnerabilities for Doctrine, DomPdf, Laravel, SabreDav, Swiftmailer, Twig, Yii, Zend Framework, and of course Symfony (we also have entries for some Symfony bundles like UserBundle, RestBundle, and JsTranslationBundle.) The [...]

1.2 stable released

Today we have finally tagged the last packages and with this the CMF has reached 1.2! Unfortunately we ended up setting HHVM as an allowed failure in our test setup due to an configuration issue on Travis CI with HHVM 3.3, however things were working fine with 3.2 and we expect once the configuration issue is resolved, things will work fine with 3.3 as well. All packages however are now also tested against PHP 5.6, as well as Symfony 2.5 and the upcoming 2.6. In terms of features, as mentioned [...]

Symfony2: Outputting form checkboxes in a hierarchy

Recently when I was working on a client project we had a bunch of permissions which had a hierarchy (or tree structure). For example, you needed Permission 1 to have Permission 1a and Permission 1b. In the examples below lets assume `$choices` is equal to the following: At first, I used the built in in […]

Moved from LiipCacheControlBundle to FOSHttpCacheBundle

As the LiipCacheControlBundle is deprecated, we decided to move on to the FOSHttpCacheBundle. For existing projects this will require some configuration changes, which are detailed in this blog post.

Defining PHP Annotations in XML

Annotations have become a popular mechanism in PHP to add metadata to your source code in a simple fashion. Their benefits are clear: They are easy to write and simple to understand. Editors offer increasing support for auto-completing and auto-importing annotations. But there are also various counter-arguments: Annotations are written in documentation blocks, which may be removed from […] No related posts.

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