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Bundles, No Bundles and AppBundle in 10 Steps

Bundles, No Bundles and AppBundle in 10 Steps Ah, the AppBundle: my favorite part of the Symfony best practices. “RYAN, What are you an idiot!? That’s a terrible idea!” Ok, not everyone agrees - it’s cool :). But here’s what’s interesting: if you don’t like the AppBundle, I bet I actually agree with your reasons. “What!?” Let’s figure this out in 10 Steps. 1) Keep Calm: Because I don’t Care I mean this with

SymfonyCon 2014 – Day #2

The second day was a pretty funny for me. This one started when I left my friends and had gone to listen to presentations and they chose to eat breakfast instead. I think this happened just because of hunger – I decided to write to Anne Sophie and make a presentation during lighting talks. Crazy, […]

Results of the Sonata Admin survey

Earlier this year, we did a little user survey to learn what people are doing with Sonata Admin in their CMF projects. We got about ten replies with detailed inputs. In summary, we got the feedback that the admin interface feels cleaned up because only the used features are present. Rather than other systems, where the developer has to remove everything that is not used, CMF developers only add what is needed, leading to a cleaner interface. Below are the questions and a summary of the [...]

Symfony 2.6 includes the brand new VarDumper component

The VarDumper Symfony component has been released with […]

SymfonyCon 2014 – Day #1

Yesterday, me and my fellows from @XSolve arrived to Madrid at SymfonyCon Madrid 2014 conference. It’s the greatest and finest Symfony’s event in the year. A lot attendees came to listen about Symfony as a framework and as a success story. The day started with opening Keynote conducted by Fabien Potencier. To continue the last […]

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