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Putting all pieces together and shipping with Codeship (Continuous Deployment – part III)

Continuous deployment environment with Docker, AWS EB and Codeship In the last two episodes we have configured the Docker environment and automated deployment with Elastic Beanstalk, but still the process requires some manual actions and I personally would like to avoid any unnecessary interference in the process. So, today I will walk you through combining […]

Making Doctrine and Symfony Logged Queries Runnable

On many of our projects we use Gearman to do background processing.  One of problems with doing things in the background is that the web debug toolbar isn’t available to help with debugging problems, including queries.  Normally when you want to see your queries you can look at the debug toolbar and get a runnable version […]

Symfony 2, five quick tips

Hi all, today I am going to share with you five quick, but important tips in Symfony 2 programming. Use bundles where appropriate, such as to wrap set of reusable functionalities (business logic), reusable services and reusable views. But, don’t over use bundles as this will include unnecessary headache on performance and maintenance in long […]

Manage multiple files upload with Symfony

The long and exhausting journey Have you already told your product owner that the feature he was suggesting was too ambitious right now and that he should prioritize? It is often the case when multiple files upload is on the table. Indeed, the symfony cookbook contains a very simple, yet detailed article describing how to [...] Read more...

Experimenting with Broadway

Event sourcing with Broadway At the Dutch PHP Conference I attended a workshop by Beau Simensen and Willem-Jan Zijderveld. They showed us some examples of how to work with Broadway, a framework for event sourcing, with full Symfony integration, created by the smart people at Qandidate. During my two weeks of funemployment, before starting my new job at Ibuildings, I decided to recreate one of my previous projects using Broadway. As it turns out, it's a great framework that's quite easy to use [...]

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