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Decouple from Frameworks

Frameworks solve infrastructure problems, for example how to create a HTTP or CLI application. While necessary, those concerns don't add any value to your project: the business need will not be fulfilled by creating an empty application. As always, different responsibilities mean also different reasons to change: frameworks have a history of Backward Compatibility (BC) breaks and they do so regardless of your project. Take for example Symfony: it only started to follow Semantic Versioning from [...]

Fun with Symfony's Console Component

Symfony's Console component can be used in a single, standalone file to add colors, build a table or add a progress bar with a beer icon.

PHPUnit with phpspec

PHPUnit is a port of jUnit, its name might be deceptive: it allows you to write any type of tests (unit, but also functional, system, integration, end to end, acceptance, etc). phpspec was at first a port of rspec, it can be considered as a unit test framework that enforces practices it considers best. Note: read more about phpspec. In this article, we'll see how to use both tools together in a same project. Fortune: our example# We're going to build part of a fortune application for our [...]

Feature toggle in PHP

Feature toggles (also called feature switch, feature flag, feature flipper, conditional feature, etc) is a technique used in software development in a continues deployment environment, where features that are not-yet-ready are deployed to production, but are turned off using a config flag. This practice allows developers to deploy unstable code to production, and once the ... [Read more...]

Better serialization with Symfony

How to write strong and clean Serialization process with Symfony2 and why you should.

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