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Decouple Your Doctrine Filters

Doctrine filters are powerful tool. Yet their registration and management are bit overcomplicated. Today I will show you how to decouple them to standalone services that can take care of everything you need. Standard Process to Enable Filter If you don't know Doctrine Filters, KnpUniversity has very nice, short and funny tutorial about them. Go check it, I'll wait here... Are you busy and smart? Just check slides 13 to 31 from @RossTuck's presentation about cool features of Doctrine. So now you [...]

Guard: Creating a Simple Authentication System for Symfony

Building a custom authentication system for Symfony can get atrocious. You can get a glimpse of that here. You have to deal with multiple classes, connect them to each other, and hope for the best. It is hard to customize and never fun to work with. Since Symfony 2.8, to simplify the customization of the... Continue reading →

Symfony2 Entity Translations and Sonata Admin

We’ve worked on a number of projects which require the UI to be translated using the standard Symfony2 translator and YAML files. Recently we came into a few projects which also required different entities to have certain fields translated. Most of our applications we build use Sonata Admin for the admin backend so making sure […]

Super Speed Symfony - nginx

TL;DR: Put a reverse proxy (for HTTP cache or load balancing purpose) in front of your application, to increase its performances. HTTP frameworks, such as Symfony, allow us to build applications that have the potential to achieve Super Speed. We've already seen a first way to do so (by turning it into a HTTP server), another way would be to put a reverse proxy in front of it. In this article we'll take a Symfony application and demonstrate how to do so using nginx. Note: those two ways can be [...]

Episode 13 - E-commerce with Paweł

In this episode we talk about e-commerce on Symfony in general, and using Sylius in particular with our special guest, Paweł Jędrzejewski. Photo credit: Pike Place Market by Tiffany Von Arnim (CC-BY).

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