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Backwards compatible bundle releases

The problem With a new bundle release you may want to rename services or parameters, make a service private, change some constructor arguments, change the structure of the bundle configuration, etc. Some of these changes may acually be backwards incompatible changes for the users of that bundle. Luckily, the Symfony DependenyInjection component and Config component both provide you with some options to prevent such backwards compatibility (BC) breaks. If you want to know more about backwards [...]

Semantic versioning for bundles

A short introduction to semantic versioning Semantic versioning is an agreement between the user of a package and its maintainer. The maintainer should be able to fix bugs, add new features or completely change the API of the software they provide. At the same time, the user of the package should not be forced to make changes to their own project whenever a package maintainer decides to release a new version. The most extreme solution to this problem is: the package should never change, the [...]

Exposing resources: from Symfony bundles to packages

Syfony bundles: providing services and exposing resources When you look at the source code of the Symfony framework, it becomes clear that bundles play two distinct and very different roles: in the first place a bundle is a service container extension: it offers ways to add, modify or remove service definitions and parameters, optionally by means of bundle configuration. This role is represented by the following methods of BundleInterface: namespace Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Bundle; [...]

Filter Tabs in Sonata Admin

When working regularly with Sonata bundles, you’ve might come accross their MediaBundle, which integrates a media management module. You certainly recognized that there is something different in the list view: A tabbed navigation to filter media items. This is how it looks like in the current 2.3 branch: Screenshot of the Sonata Demo I think […]

SymfonyLive London and PHPCon 2014

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