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Encore Installation

Encore InstallationΒΆ

First, make sure you install Node.js and also the Yarn package manager.

Then, install Encore into your project with Yarn:

$ yarn add @symfony/webpack-encore --dev


If you want to use npm instead of yarn:

$ npm install @symfony/webpack-encore --save-dev


If you are using Flex for your project, you can initialize your project for Encore via:

$ composer require encore
$ yarn install

This will create a webpack.config.js file, add the assets/ directory, and add node_modules/ to .gitignore.

This command creates (or modifies) a package.json file and downloads dependencies into a node_modules/ directory. When using Yarn, a file called yarn.lock is also created/updated. When using npm 5, a package-lock.json file is created/updated.


You should commit package.json and yarn.lock (or package-lock.json if using npm 5) to version control, but ignore node_modules/.

Next, create your webpack.config.js in First Example!

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