A week of symfony

A week of symfony #417 (22->28 December 2014)

This week, Symfony project fixed deprecation errors and made tests pass again on all the 2.x branches. In addition, more than 100 issues were fixed or closed in order to meet our bug hunting challenge.

A week of symfony #416 (15->21 December 2014)

This week, Symfony project finished testing minimal versions of Symfony requirements for all its components. In addition, the upcoming Symfony 2.7 version introduced its first feature: inherited security roles are now displayed in the web profiler.

A week of symfony #415 (08->14 December 2014)

This week continued the discussions about the best way to display warnings for deprecated features in Symfony 2.7. Meanwhile, the Symfony project introduced a new initiative called The 500 + 100 Challenge to clean the backlog of pending issues for code and documentation repositories before the end of the year.

A week of symfony #414 (01->07 December 2014)

This week, Symfony included one of the longest-running feature request: the Symfony container no longer contains absolute file paths. This will allow offline cache warmups and chrooting of Symfony applications. Meanwhile, the removal of deprecated features in Symfony 3.x branch continued with some Monolog and Process methods.

A week of symfony #413 (24->30 November 2014)

This week, the SymfonyCon Madrid Hackday generated a lot of development activity. Symfony 2.7 was the main focus of this activity, as it added lots of deprecation logs and noticies to ease the transition to the upcoming Symfony 3 version.

A week of symfony #412 (17->23 November 2014)

This week, Symfony project focused on tweaking and polishing all its features before the big Symfony 2.6 launch of the next week, including its shiny new installer. Meanwhile, preparations continued for the SymfonyCon conference, which will take place in Madrid next week and it will be the biggest event in Symfony's history.

A week of symfony #411 (10->16 November 2014)

This week the big news was the announcement of the Symfony 3.0 roadmap. In short, Symfony 3.0 will be released on November 2015, it will be mostly compatible with Symfony 2 and it will require PHP 5.5 or 5.6. In addition, the new Symfony Marketplace was introduced as the official directory of products and services related to Symfony and its ecosystem. Lastly, some more cool details about the SymfonyCon Madrid 2014 conference were announced.

A week of symfony #410 (03->09 November 2014)

This week, Symfony project focused on interesting discussions about its future. First, it was decided to create the 2.6 and 2.7 branches simultaneously and make the master branch the new Symfony 3.x branch. In addition, the community engaged in a vey passionate discussion about the minimal PHP version requirement for Symfony 3.0.

A week of symfony #409 (27 October -> 2 November 2014)

This week Symfony routing implemented the serialization of the compiled route to speed things up. In addition, it improved error messages for lots of components and continued polishing the new VarDumper component. Lastly, this week the European Symfony community gathered around the Symfony Live Berlin 2014 conference, the last big Symfony event of the year before the SymfonyCon conference.

A week of symfony #408 (20->26 October 2014)

This week, Symfony Serializer component added support for handling circular references and DependencyInjection fixed some problems with aliases and circular references. Meanwhile, some interesting proposals were made for future Symfony versions, such as decoupling type validation from constraint validators and removing Blank/NotBlank constraints.