New Symfony Core Team Member: Kévin Dunglas

I'm pleased to announce the addition of Kévin Dunglas as a new member of the Symfony Core Team.

Symfony 2014 Year in Review: London Symfony Meetups

2014 was a really successful year for the Symfony Meetup Group in London. These are the talks and presenters we were lucky to hear this year. Some of the talks were recorded, so you can still watch them if you missed the meetup, or you don't live in London.

The Sound of Symfony

The Sound of Symfony is the first podcast dedicated solely dedicated to Symfony. Discover this new community resource and listen to the special SymfonyCon conference episode which has just been published.

The Symfony 500 + 100 Challenge

The end of the year is approaching, and we think that this is the best time to do some backlog cleaning before fresh starting the new year.

Ryan Weaver named 10th Symfony Core Team Member

Ryan Weaver is now the 10th member of the Symfony Core Team, a group of developers that ultimately decides which code gets merged into the Symfony repositories.

D-12: Countdown for SymfonyCon Madrid 2014 is on!

SymfonyCon Madrid is around the corner, last important information is announced, check it out and register now!

Symfony 3.0: The roadmap

During the last year, I've been talking about Symfony 3.0 at various conferences. I've been thinking about the best Symfony 3.0 strategy for quite a long time now and it's time to share my thoughts with everyone.

Symfony November Camp in Sweden

As an organizer of the Swedish Symfony community I’m happy to say that we are hosting our second Symfony Conference. It is a one-day, single-track conference with speakers from 6 countries. The event takes place in Stockholm on November 14th.

SymfonyCon Madrid 2014: Entire speaker line up revealed!

The SymfonyCon Madrid 2014 schedule is online! Check out who will speak at the best European Symfony conference. Secure your seat before it's too late!

Symfony, 9 years of history, rewards its top 150 contributors

Symfony, 9 years of history, rewards its top 150 contributors with a free Symfony certification voucher.