Symfony CMF progress

The Symfony CMF team is hard at work to provide a first stable release in early 2013, likely around the same time as the 2.2 release of Symfony itself

Let's end this year with a blast!

To round up a wonderful year of Symfony Live conferences in Paris, London, and San Francisco, we're going to bring our tour to an end in Berlin. Symfony Live Berlin is going to take place this November on the 22nd and 23rd.

Symfony Live San Francisco 2012: Videos are online

Videos for the Symfony Live San Francisco 2012 conference are now online.

Symfony Live Paris 2012: The videos are online

Discover more than 15 hours of videos from SymfonyLive Paris 2012.

Symfony Live San Francisco 2012 is almost over!

Last day of Symfony Live San Francisco 2012, after 4 great days of conferences and trainings!

Symfony Live San Francisco 2012: official Cocktail Party!

On the occasion of Symfony Live San Francisco 2012, join us at the Cocktail Party we've organized on Thursday 27th. Register now to the conference and let's party with all the Symfony Community members!

Updates for the Symfony Live in San Francisco Conference

Some updated for the 2012 Symfony Live conference in San Francisco.

Symfony Live London

Symfony Live London is taking place on 13-14th September 2012, the two-day event involves one full day of in-depth training and a two-track deeply technical conference.

The Symfony Community Survey 2012: The Results

Here are the results of the first Symfony Community Survey.

symfony 1.4 end of maintenance: What does it mean?

symfony 1.4 "end of maintenance" date is coming up in November 2012. What does it mean?

Symfony2 meets eZ Publish 5

eZ Publish announced that they will use the Symfony full-stack framework for version 5.

Symfony Live San Francisco 2012: The Schedule

Have a look at the Symfony Live conference schedule for San Francisco.

Symfony Live Paris 2012

Symfony Live Conference Paris wrap-up.

The Symfony Content Management Framework is getting ready

At Symfony Live 2011 - Paris, we announced the plan to build a content management framework on top of Symfony2. Meanwhile, the Symfony2 CMF has reached a usable state.

The Symfony Live Paris Unconference

Last year at Symfony Live, we had an uncon for one of the two conference days. It was a big success, with a nice mixture of talks on a variation of topics. We had established speakers in the uncon schedule, but also new speakers. And we even hosted a nice discussion on E-commerce using symfony. Because of the success we had with the unconference last year, we've decided to extend the unconference to include both conference days! This means more room for those of you who want to present on your favorite topic. And those presentations can be done as either regular talks or as lightning talks. There will be 9 slots to fill spread out over the two days.

Towards Symfony 2.1

About the Symfony 2.1 release cycle.