Symfony Settings

The symfony framework configurability is one of its most appealing strength, but it is also a thing that comes back over and over again as a weakness. Why?

Questions and Answers about "Practical symfony" book

Frequently asked questions about the "Practical symfony" book, such as shipping costs, allowed payment methods and the quality of the printed book.

Read the symfony documentation offline

As of today, most of the symfony documentation is available as PDF files.

The "Practical symfony" book is now also available for Doctrine

I am happy to announce the immediate availability of the "Practical symfony" paper book for Doctrine.

Jobeet for Doctrine

Follow the Jobeet 24 day tutorial using Doctrine!

Introducing the symfony + Doctrine Book

Today I am happy to introduce the first official piece of documentation for symfony and Doctrine.

Contributing to the documentation effort

Even if symfony has already one of the best documentation ever for an Open-Source project, you can help us make it even better.

Documentation updates

During the last weeks, the symfony core team has spent a lot of time polishing the documentation.

Online doc interface improved

A better interface to the online documentation

New symfony API documentation

A brand new browseable API is available online.