symfony 1.x documentation

The symfony 1.x documentation is now hosted on

Symfony Live San Francisco 2012: Videos are online

Videos for the Symfony Live San Francisco 2012 conference are now online.

Symfony Live Paris 2012: The videos are online

Discover more than 15 hours of videos from SymfonyLive Paris 2012.

A new Release Process for Symfony

Symfony now manages its releases through a time-based model.

Documentation: Some nice improvements

We have made some nice improvements to the documentation section of

Towards Symfony 2.1: Documentation

The documentation section and the search engine has been greatly enhanced.

Learning about the Symfony Components

We need your help! As a community, we've put a lot of work into the Symfony2 framework documentation. It's not perfect, but there's a lot of great resources. Now it's time to focus on documentation for the individual components.

Symfony2 Documentation

The Symfony2 documentation grows every day.

Talk about Symfony2, not Symfony 2

Talk about Symfony2, not Symfony 2... notice the lack of space between Symfony and 2. Read why this matters a lot.

New symfony book: "A Gentle Introduction to symfony 1.4"

People keep asking me about when we will publish the "definitive guide" book for symfony 1.4. A new version is now available.