Security: Access Control Documentation Issue

The Symfony documentation about access controls was wrong. Please read carefully to understand how access control rules really work.

Security Issue Management Improvements

The process for handling security issues has been improved.

Symfony CMF progress

The Symfony CMF team is hard at work to provide a first stable release in early 2013, likely around the same time as the 2.2 release of Symfony itself

symfony 1.x documentation

The symfony 1.x documentation is now hosted on

Symfony Live San Francisco 2012: Videos are online

Videos for the Symfony Live San Francisco 2012 conference are now online.

Symfony Live Paris 2012: The videos are online

Discover more than 15 hours of videos from SymfonyLive Paris 2012.

A new Release Process for Symfony

Symfony now manages its releases through a time-based model.

Documentation: Some nice improvements

We have made some nice improvements to the documentation section of

Towards Symfony 2.1: Documentation

The documentation section and the search engine has been greatly enhanced.

Learning about the Symfony Components

We need your help! As a community, we've put a lot of work into the Symfony2 framework documentation. It's not perfect, but there's a lot of great resources. Now it's time to focus on documentation for the individual components.