Living on the edge

New in Symfony 3.2: Workflow component

In Symfony 3.2 we added a new Workflow component to help you define "workflows", which are elements that describe a sequence of operations that can be executed repeatedly to provide some service (e.g. buying a product in an e-commerce application), process some information (e.g. publishing some content in a CMS application), etc.

New in Symfony 3.2: HttpFoundation improvements

Symfony 3.2 added support for "same-site" cookie attribute, fixed some inconsistencies in cache-related HTTP headers and added a new method called isMethodIdempotent().

New in Symfony 3.2: User value resolver for controllers

In Symfony 3.2, we've added a new user resolver that allows to get the current user in any controller via type-hinting and we deprecated the Controller::getUser() shortcut, which will be removed in Symfony 4.0.

New in Symfony 3.2: Lazy loading of form choices

ChoiceType is the most powerful Symfony form type and it's used to create select drop-downs, radio buttons and checkboxes. In Symfony 3.2 we added a new feature to improve its performance: lazy loading the choice values.

New in Symfony 3.2: Better readability for YAML numeric literals

In Symfony 3.2, YAML files added support for including underscores in numeric literals (integer, float or hexadecimal) to improve their readability.

New in Symfony 3.2: Console Improvements (Part 2)

In this second of a two-part series, we introduce four additional new features added by Symfony 3.2 to the Console component to improve its DX (developer experience).

New in Symfony 3.2: Console Improvements (Part 1)

The Console component will receive a lot of new features in Symfony 3.2, mostly related to improving its DX (developer experience). In this first of a two-part series, we introduce four of those new features.

New in Symfony 3.2: Routing Improvements

Symfony 3.2 adds support to define the fragment when generating any URL. It also adds support for using arrays and defining the variable types for XML route values.

New in Symfony 3.2: Tagged Cache

Symfony 3.2 improves the cache mechanism introduced in Symfony 3.1 with some features not defined by the PSR-6: Caching Interface standard. The first new feature is the tag-based invalidation to create tagged caches.

New in Symfony 3.2: DateInterval form type

Symfony 3.2 includes a new DateInterval form type to deal with calendar-related information such as reminders and bookings.