Living on the edge

New in Symfony 2.7: Serializer Component Improvements

In Symfony 2.7, the Symfony Serializer component has been greatly improved with lots of new features. This article introduces the most important ones.

New in Symfony 2.7: Translation Profiler

Symfony 2.7 includes a new toolbar translation panel and a new translation profiler to display detailed information about your application internationalization.

New in Symfony 2.7: Default Date and Number Format Configuration

Symfony 2.7 adds two new Twig configuration options to define the default formatting of both numbers and dates without the need to write custom code.

New in Symfony 2.7: Advanced table layouts for console commands

The Symfony Console component is the second most popular Symfony component, with more than eight million downloads on so far. One of the main factors of its success is the amount of features that it provides to create advanced console commands. In Symfony 2.7 we went a step further and added support for defining advanced table layouts.

New in Symfony 2.7: Twig as a First-Class Citizen

Symfony 2.7 has just got a nice performance boost thanks to the decoupling of Twig from the PHP templating system.

New in Symfony 2.7: Serialization Groups

In Symfony 2.7, the Symfony Serializer component will introduce a new feature to serialize/deserialize different sets of object attributes.

New in Symfony 2.7: Inherited security roles in the web profiler

In Symfony 2.7 web profiler you'll get the full security role information for the user, including the direct roles and the inherited ones.

New in Symfony 2.6: VarDumper component

Symfony 2.6 includes a new VarDumper component which aims to replace the well-known var_dump() PHP function with a more modern and fully-featured alternative called dump().

Symfony 3.0: The roadmap

During the last year, I've been talking about Symfony 3.0 at various conferences. I've been thinking about the best Symfony 3.0 strategy for quite a long time now and it's time to share my thoughts with everyone.

New in Symfony 2.6: Error page previews

Symfony 2.6 will include a new option to preview error pages. This will simplify the development and design of good error pages in Symfony applications.