Living on the edge

New in Symfony 2.2: Autocomplete on the Command Line

Symfony 2.2 introduces autocomplete on the command line.

New in Symfony 2.2: Security Utilities

Symfony 2.2 introduces some interesting security utilities.

New in Symfony 2.2: Logging of deprecated calls

Symfony 2.2 logs deprecated calls.

New in Symfony 2.2: Better interaction from the Console

Symfony 2.2 introduces some useful dialog helpers in the Console component to improve the interaction with the user.

New in Symfony 2.2: Small things matter

Symfony 2.2 introduces many small tweaks that enhance your experience.

New in Symfony 2.2: Payment related validators

Symfony 2.2 introduces payment related validators.

New in Symfony 2.2: Cache support for static pages

Symfony 2.2 introduces caching for static pages.

New in Symfony 2.2: Nice fatal error display

Symfony 2.2 nicely displays fatal errors.

Form Goodness in Symfony 2.1

Those of you who already upgraded to Symfony 2.1 Beta probably noticed that the new version comes with many backwards compatibility breaks in the Form component. Many of you probably ask yourselves: Why?

Symfony2 Components as standalone Packages

The Symfony component repositories are now synchronized in near real-time with the main Symfony repository.

Towards Symfony 2.1: The new Web Debug Toolbar

Today, I've merged the new web debug toolbar for Symfony 2.1.

Towards Symfony 2.1: Documentation

The documentation section and the search engine has been greatly enhanced.

Towards Symfony 2.1: Closing Tickets

Help us improve the quality of the upcoming Symfony 2.1 by fixing tickets.

Symfony 2.1: The Doctrine bundle has moved to the Doctrine organization

The Symfony2 DoctrineBundle has been moved to the Doctrine organization.

Symfony2: Getting Easier - Interactive Generators

The one where we reveal the Symfony 2.0 release schedule.

Symfony2: Beta4 available

Symfony2 beta4 released.