Living on the edge

New in Symfony 3.2: Console Improvements (Part 1)

The Console component will receive a lot of new features in Symfony 3.2, mostly related to improving its DX (developer experience). In this first of a three-part series, we introduce four of those new features.

New in Symfony 3.2: Routing Improvements

Symfony 3.2 adds support to define the fragment when generating any URL. It also adds support for using arrays and defining the variable types for XML route values.

New in Symfony 3.2: Tagged Cache

Symfony 3.2 improves the cache mechanism introduced in Symfony 3.1 with some features not defined by the PSR-6: Caching Interface standard. The first new feature is the tag-based invalidation to create tagged caches.

New in Symfony 3.2: DateInterval form type

Symfony 3.2 includes a new DateInterval form type to deal with calendar-related information such as reminders and bookings.

New in Symfony 3.2: Compiler passes improvements

Compiler passes are the mechanism provided by Symfony to manipulate the service definitions while the container is being compiled before the application execution. In Symfony 3.2 we introduced some new features for them.

New in Symfony 3.2: PHP constants in YAML files

In Symfony 3.2, we decided to augment the YAML format with a custom extension to support PHP constants. This feature provides feature parity with other configuration formats, such as XML.

New in Symfony 3.2: File controller helper

Symfony 3.2 adds a new helper method to the base controller called file(). Its purpose is to simplify serving binary files.

New in Symfony 3.1: Cache component

The Cache component is a strict implementation of the PSR-6: Caching Interface standard. You can use it to cache arbitrary content in your application and some Symfony components use it internally to improve their performance.

New in Symfony 3.1: Customizable YAML parsing and dumping

In Symfony 3.1, the YAML component introduces configuration flags to simplify the parsing/dumping methods and to keep adding new features.

New in Symfony 3.1: Forwards and Redirects in the Toolbar and Profiler

The web debug toolbar and the profiler are two of the most used features of Symfony. They provide detailed debug information about the execution of the page you are looking at. In Symfony 3.1 we decided to improve them to display the information about forwards and redirects.