Living on the edge

New in Symfony 2.4: Easier debugging of not-found resources

Symfony 2.4 adds the referer in the exception message when a resource is not found.

New in Symfony 2.4: Using Constants for HTTP Status Code

Symfony 2.4 adds HTTP Status Codes in the Response class.

New in Symfony 2.4: Disabling internal Validation of DomCrawler ChoiceFormFields

Symfony 2.4 allows you to test invalid choice form fields with DomCrawler.

New in Symfony 2.4: Dumping the default Configuration for an Extension

The config:dump-reference command now supports XML as an output format.

New in Symfony 2.4: Better Console Integration with third-party Tools

Symfony 2.4 can generate XML and JSON outputs for some debug commands.

New in Symfony 2.4: Namespaces auto-discovery in DowCrawler

Symfony 2.4 improves filtering XML documents with the new DomCrawler auto-discovering of namespaces.

New in Symfony 2.4: A better Callback constraint

Symfony 2.4 comes with a better callback constraint.

New in Symfony 2.4: Console improvements

Symfony 2.4 comes with many nice improvements for the Console component.

New in Symfony 2.4: Restrict Security Firewalls to specific Hosts

Symfony 2.4 adds the possibility to restrict a security firewall to specific hosts.

New in Symfony 2.4: Limit a Process Run with an idle Timeout

Symfony 2.4 adds the ability to define an idle timeout for a Process run.