Living on the edge

New in Symfony 3.1: Explicit Column Widths in Console Tables

In Symfony 3.1, the Table helper of the Console component lets you define the width of any or all the table columns to have a better control of the table design.

New in Symfony 3.1: Strict Image Validation

In Symfony 3.1, the Image validation constraint defines a new configuration option to detect images which are corrupted.

New in Symfony 3.0

A quick recap of the best new features introduced in Symfony 2.8 and available in Symfony 3.0.

New in Symfony 2.8: Final improvements

This article is the last one in the "New in Symfony 2.8" series. It explains five minor but useful improvements introduced in several Symfony components.

New in Symfony 2.8: Polyfill Components

Symfony 2.8 introduces twelve small and decoupled polyfill components to "fill the gaps" of PHP 5.x versions and missing extensions. Now your applications can safely use PHP features and functions available in any PHP version.

New in Symfony 2.8: Deprecating Scopes and Introducing Shared Services

In Symfony 2.8 we decided to simplify the DependencyInjection component by removing the concept of "scopes" and introducing the "shared" configuration option.

New in Symfony 2.8: VarDumper improvements

The VarDumper component provides mechanisms for walking through any arbitrary PHP variable and a replacement for PHP's var_dump(). Symfony 2.8 added new casters to VarDumper, which are responsible to format the dumped information accordingly to their types.

New in Symfony 2.8: DependencyInjection improvements

Symfony 2.8 added new features to Dependency Injection, such as service decoration priorities, resetteable containers, logging of unused tags and simpler compiler pass registration.

New in Symfony 2.8: Translator improvements

Symfony 2.8 added support for XLIFF 2.0, for dumping translation contents without writing them in a file and for configuring the paths where translation files should be loaded from.

New in Symfony 2.8: YAML deprecations

The upcoming Symfony 3.1 version will introduce lots of new and useful features for the Yaml component. But before enjoying those features, in Symfony 2.8 we needed to deprecate some features to make Yaml files comply with the Yaml specification.