Living on the edge

New in Symfony 2.8: Clock mocking and time sensitive tests

Symfony 2.8 includes a ClockMock class to avoid transient tests because of time-related errors and to make your tests faster.

New in Symfony: Streamlined Log Files

If you have created a new Symfony project recently, you may have noticed a big change in the development log file. Now we only log the important information, which makes log files cleaner and improves the development experience.

New in Symfony 2.8: Simpler Security Voters

Security Voters are the recommended way to check for user permissions in Symfony applications In Symfony 2.6 we introduced an AbstractVoter class to reduce the boilerplate code needed to define a voter. In Symfony 2.8 we have simplified voters a bit more thanks to the new Voter class.

New in Symfony 2.8: DX Improvements

DX or Developer Experience is essential for Symfony project. We work very hard to improve DX in each Symfony release and the recent Symfony 2.8 version is no exception.

New in Symfony 2.8: Console Style Guide

Symfony 2.8 defines a style guide that makes the output of the Symfony commands visually consistent and which allows you to create simpler commands.

New in Symfony 2.8: Form improvements

The Symfony Form component keeps improving with each new version. In Symfony 2.8 we added lots of small but useful tweaks.

New in Symfony 2.8: Symfony as a Microframework

Symfony 2.8 introduces a new microkernel trait which enables to use Symfony as a microframework. This will greatly simplify the creation of single-file (or just smaller) Symfony applications.

New in Symfony 2.8: Console improvements

The Symfony Console component is our second most popular component, with more than 1 million monthly downloads and more than 2,300 projects depending on it. In Symfony 2.8 we extended its capabilities with some new features.

New in Symfony 2.8: LDAP component

LDAP is used by lots of companies as a centralized repository for user information, including their security roles, and as an authentication service. That's why Symfony 2.8 includes a new LDAP component which provides seamless integration with the Symfony Security component.

New in Symfony 2.8: Service Auto Wiring

In Symfony 2.8, thanks to the new service auto wiring feature, you can skip the definition of some services used as constructor arguments and let the service container create those services for you.