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Living on the edge

Fabien Potencier
Symfony2: Getting Easier (part 3)
by Fabien Potencier – May 06, 2011

The one where Doctrine is getting easier.

Fabien Potencier
Symfony2: Getting Easier (part 2)
by Fabien Potencier – May 05, 2011

You can also make Symfony2 better.

Stefan Koopmanschap
We're secure! (or getting there)
by Stefan Koopmanschap – February 07, 2011

So a month ago we called for the community to contribute to the project financially, so we could have SektionEins execute a security audit on Symfony2, Twig and also Doctrine. The donation drive was a huge success! Thanks to the community as a whole (and especially phpBB and Sensio), we now have enough money to order security audits on all three packages.

Fabien Potencier
Stabilizing Symfony2
by Fabien Potencier – January 17, 2011

Do you want to help stabilizing Symfony2? Read on then...

Fabien Potencier
Symfony2 Documentation
by Fabien Potencier – July 06, 2010

The Symfony2 documentation grows every day.

Fabien Potencier
Symfony2 Online Conference
by Fabien Potencier – June 24, 2010

The slides are now available.

Stefan Koopmanschap
The State of Symfony 2 Online Conference
by Stefan Koopmanschap – May 31, 2010

In February many people gathered in Paris to witness the unveiling of the first preview version of Symfony 2. If you were not able to attend, or were there but want more, then mark June 22 or June 23 in your calendar. For those dates, an online conference will take place named The State of Symfony 2.

Fabien Potencier
Symfony 2.0 and the PHP Ecosystem
by Fabien Potencier – March 04, 2010

This post is about one key aspect of the Symfony 2 philosophy. Hopefully, it will help you better understand the reasoning behind most of our decisions.

Fabien Potencier
Symfony 2 Migration to Git
by Fabien Potencier – January 13, 2010

As you might have noticed, the Symfony 2 code is now hosted on Git.

About testing stuff...
by Kris Wallsmith – December 07, 2009

Symfony has always advocated for writing automated tests and provided the tools necessary to do so in your project, but support for testing plugins has been limited... until now!

Fabien Potencier
The symfony website is now powered by symfony 1.4
by Fabien Potencier – November 28, 2009

Today, I spent some time migrating some of my public websites to symfony 1.4. I wanted to validate both the stability of this new version, and also see how easy it was to upgrade to the first symfony version that does not have any support for deprecated stuff.

Lime 2 alpha released
by Bernhard Schussek – November 10, 2009

I am happy to announce the immediate availability of Lime 2 alpha 1! The second version of symfony's very own testing framework has been under heavy development since early July. Many exciting new features have been added since then, and now you have the opportunity to try them out! In this blog post, I want to outline the most important new features of Lime 2.

Using Propel 1.4 detailed logging
by Fabian Lange – November 08, 2009

Today Propel 1.4.0 was released, containing richer debugging information as before. This post will show you how to use them.

Fabien Potencier
Why will Symfony 2.0 finally use PHP 5.3?
by Fabien Potencier – October 27, 2009

The one where I explain why Symfony 2.0 will use PHP 5.3

Symfony and Doctrine 2
by Jonathan Wage – October 05, 2009

With the release of Doctrine 2 Alpha 1 last month, it was about time to start working on the next version of `sfDoctrinePlugin` which brings you support for Doctrine 2 in your projects.

About symfony 1.3 and symfony 1.4
by Kris Wallsmith – August 06, 2009

The January 2010 end of maintenance for symfony 1.0 is fast approaching. Though we may feel a certain attachment to this first stable release of symfony, discontinuing its support is a natural step in the evolution of the project.