Living on the edge

New in Symfony 3.1: Customizable YAML parsing and dumping

In Symfony 3.1, the YAML component introduces configuration flags to simplify the parsing/dumping methods and to keep adding new features.

New in Symfony 3.1: Forwards and Redirects in the Toolbar and Profiler

The web debug toolbar and the profiler are two of the most used features of Symfony. They provide detailed debug information about the execution of the page you are looking at. In Symfony 3.1 we decided to improve them to display the information about forwards and redirects.

New in Symfony 3.1: FrameworkBundle Improvements

The FrameworkBundle is the piece that glues all the different Symfony components to create a robust and flexible framework. In Symfony 3.1 we introduced some minor but useful improvements to it.

New in Symfony 3.1: YAML deprecations

In Symfony 2.8 we introduced some YAML deprecations to make configuration files compliant with the YAML spec. In Symfony 3.1 we introduced additional deprecations, some of them needed for the new YAML features which will be explained in an upcoming article.

New in Symfony 3.1: Deprecation Helper Improvements

The PHPUnitBridge component is mostly used for its "deprecation helper" which detects the deprecated Symfony features used by your application. In Symfony 3.1, the deprecation helper has been improved to help you find and fix deprecations more easily.

New in Symfony 3.1: DateTime Normalizer

The Serializer component has been greatly improved in Symfony 3.1. The DateTime normalizer is one of its many new features.

New in Symfony 3.1: Improved the Security Profiler Panel

Symfony 3.1 will improve the security profiler panel to display the list of security voters and the full log of access decisions made during the rendering of the page.

New in Symfony 3.1: Network mocking and DNS sensitive tests

Symfony 3.1 adds a feature to mock the network in DNS sensitive tests. This reduces the risk of having transient tests, which fail randomly and make your test suite unreliable.

New in Symfony 3.1: Data URI Normalizer

In Symfony 3.1, a new DataUriNormalizer has been added to turn file objects into data:URI strings.

New in Symfony 3.1: Web Debug Toolbar and Profiler Enhancements

In Symfony 3.1, the Web Debug Toolbar and the Profiler have introduced lots of new features. The major new features will be explained in upcoming blog posts, so in this article we'll focus on smaller but useful changes that will improve your day-to-day work.