The weekend is fast approaching and you're not sure how to spend it? Why not read some Symfony documentation? Since Symfony 2.1, the documentation has been improved in many ways, and quite a few cookbook entries and book chapters have been added. I won't list all the changes that were made, but here are some entry points that might help you choose what to read first.

Symfony gives you great tools to develop command line scripts. But you might wonder how you can generate URLs and send emails from the console or how to enable logging in console commands.

Symfony has some nice shortcuts that help you develop faster, but some of them are not that well-known. Do you know that you can render a template without writing a custom controller?. And do you know that you can use service container parameters in your routes?.

Some web hosting companies (and that often includes big corporation hosting facilities) are very strict about the layout of your files, especially the ones written by your application. Symfony got you covered as you can easily override Symfony's Default Directory Structure.

And if you are about to deploy your shiny Symfony application, read How to deploy a Symfony2 application.

Last but not least, you might want to better understand how HttpKernel handles a request internally; what about reading the wonderful new chapter about the HttpKernel component.

Happy reading and see you next week for Symfony 2.2.0 beta2!