Symfony Bundles Documentation

Bundles included in the Symfony Standard Edition

Adds some conventions to the Standard Edition of Symfony and adds support for defining routing, caching, templating and security via annotations. This results in much more concise controllers.
Adds lots of console commands for generating code skeletons like bundles, form classes and CRUD controllers based on Doctrine entities.

Bundles related to Doctrine project

Integrates Doctrine's ORM and DBAL projects into Symfony applications. It provides configuration options, console commands and even a web debug toolbar collector.
Allows to create and load fixtures via Doctrine. Data fixtures are used to load a controlled set of data into a database. This data can be used for testing or could be the initial data required for the application.
Integrates MongoDB NoSQL database thanks to an Object Document Mapper (ODM) which is much like the Doctrine2 ORM in its philosophy and how it works.
Offers you the ability to programmatically deploy new versions of your database schema in a safe, easy and standardized way.
Allows your Symfony application to use different caching systems through the Doctrine Cache library.

Popular Symfony bundles

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