This week Symfony entered into the "feature freeze" period for the upcoming 3.3 version. This means that the development activity will slow down to focus on stabilizing the new features introduced in Symfony 3.3. Meanwhile, the SymfonyLive Paris 2017 conference took place this week with great success.

Symfony development highlights

2.7 changelog:

  • 46cf215, 11a06cc: [Console] escaped exception messages in renderException
  • 9466237: [WebProfilerBundle] normalized whitespace in exceptions passed in headers
  • fb6de49: [Console] disabled color support detection in CommandTester

2.8 changelog:

  • 994e90c: [Form] avoid forcing to define the choices_as_values option when using choice_loader

3.2 changelog:

  • da7893a: [Process] fixed bug which wiped or mangled env vars

Master changelog:

  • 3cd563a: [DependencyInjection] throw more helpful error when shortcutting global classes
  • 615a2c5: [WebServerBundle] fixed starting second server + port lookup
  • 05d15cf: [DependencyInjection] enhanced DX by throwing instead of triggering a deprecation notice
  • e3d9964: [HttpKernel] don't implement ServiceSubscriberInterface on *SessionListener

Newest issues and pull requests

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