The January 2010 end of maintenance for symfony 1.0 is fast approaching. Though we may feel a certain attachment to this first stable release of symfony, discontinuing its support is a natural step in the evolution of the project.

Of course, symfony 1.0 is not only around for sentimental reasons, it is also the current release with long term support from the symfony team. Once this support period expires, our next LTS release will be symfony 1.4, which we will support until January 2013. Symfony 1.4 will be the last release in the 1.x branch, which means the next LTS release after that will be Symfony 2.

symfony 1.4 = symfony 1.3 - deprecated stuff

This is the equation Fabien has used to describe symfony 1.4. It's a pretty simple equation, which is why we're planning to release symfony 1.4 either with or on the heels of symfony 1.3. Once these versions are released, we recommend new projects use symfony 1.4 and older projects that use deprecated features upgrade to symfony 1.3.

Also, since the two versions will be very similar, I will be filling the role of Release Manager for both of them.

To recap:

Version Release Support
symfony 1.3 late 2009 November 2010
symfony 1.4 late 2009 January 2013