For the first time ever, Symfony Live is going to co-locate with two other significant long-standing conferences: I’m speaking of course about DrupalCon Portland and WebVisions. On May 20-24, you will have 5 days to get trained on Symfony or Drupal features, to attend the talks you want, to meet and learn from other communities and to share your experience with new friends! We’ll all be in cool Portland, isn’t it so great? While the three conferences will be run independently, you will buy a pass to just one of three conferences or purchase the super Combo Pass to get access to all three events, which will include admission to an exhibit hall and the attendee lunches. The Symfony Live conference is organized by SensioLabs, a Commercial Open Source Software Company and designer of the Symfony framework.

We’re very excited about this news and hope you are too! The DrupalCon Portland theme: “Building Bridges, Connecting Communities” is the ideal theme to organize this co-location. We can each help grow each other’s communities with knowledge sharing and participation. Tickets for Symfony Live and WebVisions will be available this month, and DrupalCon Portland will go on sale in early 2013. More details will arrive soon, stay tuned!

Drupal and Symfony, two separate open source software projects, began working together in 2012 when it was announced that portions of the Symfony project would be used in the core of Drupal 8. Symfony’s enterprise development focus coupled with Drupal brings together a modern enterprise toolkit with a strong foundation for web developers to assemble a more tailored site with less work.

WebVisions explores the future of the Web and mobile design, user experience, digital media and technology, user experience and business strategy and is a natural choice to co-locate with DrupalCon and Symfony Live for it’s attendee base of web themers and front-end developers. There is a lot of overlap, and much to learn from each other’s conferences.

Save the date May 20-24 is going to be huge!