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Archives for 11/2005

First release of the API doc
by Francois Zaninotto – November 30, 2005

Data import from text files with ease
by Francois Zaninotto – November 29, 2005

A new chapter has just been added to the book to describe how to import data to a database from a simple YAML text file.

What are you doing this December?
by Francois Zaninotto – November 24, 2005

The symfony team is preparing a surprise to the community. Make sure you visit us on December 1st!

Learn to debug a symfony project
by Francois Zaninotto – November 21, 2005

Another addition was made to the documentation, to help you understand the built-in debug tools of symfony. Unless you never make any mistakes, you should have a look at it!

Important: manual modification required for upgrade
by Francois Zaninotto – November 21, 2005

In order to use versions 0.5.157 and more, your projects need to be modified. Check the Changelog to see the modification.

Cache and application performance: new documentation added
by Francois Zaninotto – November 17, 2005

Symfony provides a robust and efficient cache system. If you want to boost your symfony enabled web application, check out the new chapter added to the documentation.

New stable release: upgrade to symfony 0.4.2
by Francois Zaninotto – November 14, 2005

The latest bug corrections and minor enhancements have been packaged into a new stable release. You should update your symfony installation to take advantage of them.

Symfony/Ruby on Rails argument?
by Francois Zaninotto – November 09, 2005

As seen on various spots on the web, some people would like to throw names at each other comparing symfony to rails. Is it worth it?

New tutorial : symfony and IIS
by Francois Zaninotto – November 08, 2005

Symfony is compatible with both windows and IIS. If you wonder how to setup symfony to have it work with IIS, check out our new tutorial.

New chapter added to the book: Internationalization
by Francois Zaninotto – November 07, 2005

For those of you who wondered how to setup a multilingual project, the new chapter published in the book should clear a few dark zones.

AJAX in symfony: new tutorial and screencast
by Francois Zaninotto – November 02, 2005

To demonstrate the spectacular possibilities of AJAX in web applications built with symfony, a new tutorial and a screencast have just been published. Check them out!