About testing stuff...

Symfony has always advocated for writing automated tests and provided the tools necessary to do so in your project, but support for testing plugins has been limited... until now!

... One More Thing

Today, the symfony core team released symfony 1.2.10, symfony 1.3.0 and symfony 1.4.0? That's big news... but there is one more thing.

Lime 2 alpha released

Read release notes

The Jobeet demo and feedback

Today, I have taken the time to put the long-overdue Jobeet demo website online.

Using the symfony Event System

In this tutorial I would like to show how you can add flexibility to your symfony applications using the symfony built-in event system.

Cross Application Links

One of the most requested feature for symfony is the ability to create links to a frontend application from a backend one. This post shows how it can be done very easily with symfony 1.2.

Jobeet - Day 24: Another Look at symfony

As we wrap up the Jobeet tutorial, let's have another look at the framework. Forget Jobeet for an hour, and recall all the features you learned during the last three weeks.

Jobeet - Day 23: The Deployment

Today, we will see what need to be done before going to production, what kind of deploying strategies you can use, and also the tools you need for a successful deployment.

Jobeet - Day 22: The Cache

Today, we will talk about the HTML cache. To improve your website performance, you can cache whole HTML pages or just parts of them.

Jobeet - Day 21: The Design Day

As announced at the beginning of the Jobeet tutorial, we are holding a design contest today. The goal is to choose the default design used by Jobeet.

Jobeet - Day 20: The Plugins

Today, we will talk about plugins: what they are, what you can bundle in a plugin, and what they can be used for.

Jobeet - Day 19: Internationalization and Localization

Today, we will talk about Jobeet internationalization (or i18n) and localization (or l10n).

Jobeet - Day 18: AJAX

Today, to enhance the responsiveness of the search engine, we will take advantage of AJAX to convert the search engine to a live one.

Jobeet - Day 17: Search

Two days ago, we added some feeds to keep Jobeet users up-to-date with new job posts. Today, we will continue to improve the user experience by implementing the latest main feature of the Jobeet website: the search engine.

Jobeet - Day 16: Web Services

When you post a job, you will want to have the greatest exposure possible. If your job is syndicated on a lot of small websites, you will have a better chance to find the right person. That's the power of the long tail. Affiliates will be able to publish the latest posted jobs on their websites thanks to the web services we will develop today.

Jobeet - Day 15: Feeds

If you are looking for a job, you will probably want to be informed as soon as a new job is posted. And it is not very convenient to check the website every other hour. To keep our Jobeet users up-to-date, we will add several job feeds today.