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Archives for 12/2005

askeet 21st day: Did you ask for a search engine?
by Francois Zaninotto – December 21, 2005

The most demanded feature for the 'get-a-symfony-guru-for-a-day' day was a search engine. So, we did it.

Askeet is online!
by Francois Zaninotto – December 16, 2005

Better to see it in action than read about id. Go and check it on

How-to: Tags, tag cloud, autocomplete
by Francois Zaninotto – December 14, 2005

The days 13 and 14 of the advent calendar tutorials show how to implement tags in practice, and in minutes.

For high load websites, prefer symfony
by Francois Zaninotto – December 09, 2005

Thousands of people are currently running to the symfony website, as some well-known new sites talked about us. And yet, the site runs as smoothly as before.

Advent calendar day 8: AJAX
by Francois Zaninotto – December 08, 2005

Learn how to add AJAX-powered interactions to your applications with today's tutorial.

Advent calendar day 6: security and form validation
by Francois Zaninotto – December 06, 2005

Fabien Potencier
Day 4 of the advent calendar is published
by Fabien Potencier – December 04, 2005

Day 4 of the advent calendar is published.

The documentation is getting nicer
by Francois Zaninotto – December 02, 2005

The documentation is now syntax-colored, and can be downloaded as a pdf. Plus the day 2 of the advent calendar is published. What more?

Fabien Potencier
New stable release: upgrade to symfony 0.4.3
by Fabien Potencier – December 01, 2005

A new symfony stable release is available. Upgrade your symfony installation to be able to use the new features.

Symfony advent calendar launches!
by Francois Zaninotto – December 01, 2005

Are you ready for 24 days of cutting edge programming with PHP5? The symfony advent calendar starts here with day one.