Contributing to the symfony core is not easy. As symfony is a meritocracy, you must prove that you are really committed to the project by first understanding the philosophy behind the project, and then by contributing good patches, pushing new ideas, and helping others fixing their problems.

Today, I'm happy to announce that Bernhard Schussek officially joins the symfony core team.

If you follow the Subversion timeline on a regular basis, you have probably seen that Bernhard has been working on Lime 2 for quite some time. As Lime is taking shape nicely, he will probably talk about the new features of Lime 2 in a coming post on this blog, but enough said that I'm really excited about it. Bernhard also has a lot of great ideas to enhance symfony, and he regularly sends us great patches. His commitment since a long time to the symfony project is one more proof that he really deserves a place in our core team.

Please join all of us in welcoming Bernhard to the team!