First Online Symfony Community Hack Day: July 5th!

The first ever Symfony Community Hack Day (online) is only a few days away (July 5th)! Join us to work on making the entire Symfony eco-system easier to use and more powerful. Let's make the Symfony Developer Experience exceptional!

Making the Symfony Experience *Exceptional*

Symfony is having Fantastic Success! But we can make the Symfony Framework much much better by focusing on the developer experience: how it feels to use and solve problems with Symfony. Find out how we can make the Symfony Experience exceptional!

Introducing the new

Today we are proud to introduce the most significant update in the last four years.

The Symfony Core Team is back

Symfony project introduces a new Symfony Core Team and a brand-new internal workflow to accelerate its development.

A quick roundup of the upcoming Symfony events

A quick roundup of the upcoming Symfony events in France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal and Mexico.

Help Symfony reach 3 billion people

Symfony organizes a community initiative to improve its internationalization by translating it into dozens of languages.