Symfony Community Survey 2017

Symfony announces its "Community Survey 2017" to better know how do you use Symfony and how can we improve it. Please take 5 minutes to help us shaping Symfony's future.

Symfony Demo 1.0.0 released

The "Symfony Demo application", a fully-functional Symfony application developed as a learning resource, reaches 1.0.0 version and we show you its best new features.

Symfony 2016 Year in Review

The beginning of a new year is the best moment to review all that happened during the previous year. These are some of the highlights of the 2016 year for the Symfony Project.

How to solve PHPUnit issues in Symfony 3.2 applications

How to solve the "Undefined class constant PARSE_CONSTANT" error displayed by PHPUnit when running tests in Symfony 3.2 applications.

The Road to 500 Million Symfony Downloads

We're on the verge of achieving an incredible milestone: 500 million Symfony packages downloaded by the PHP community. Let's celebrate it together!

The New Symfony Documentation Search Engine

This use case explains how we created the new search engine for the documentation published on

Symfony 3.1 Enters Feature Freeze

Symfony project follows a time-based development process where two new minor versions are released each year. The next minor version is 3.1 which will be released at the end of May. This means that 3.1 has entered "feature freeze" and we won't add any other new feature to it.

Prepare yourself for the Virtual Hack Day

Tomorrow, Symfony will celebrate a new Virtual Hack Day, where developers from around the world gather online to contribute back to the project: fixing issues and proposing pull requests.

Improving the Symfony Release Process

The recent launch of Symfony 2.8, which will be the last minor version of the 2.x branch, made us think about further tweaks in the release process. That's why during his past SymfonyCon Paris 2015 keynote, Fabien Potencier announced the new Symfony release process.

Announcing the second edition of the Symfony Business Awards

In 2013, we celebrated the first edition of the Symfony Business Awards, which recognize the best business websites, applications and projects developed with Symfony. Due to the success and appreciation of these awards, we've decided to organize the second edition of the Symfony Business Awards.