Do you know Jobeet?

You will need to read the full blog post to know what Jobeet is...

Call the expert: Customizing sfDoctrineGuardPlugin

In this tutorial we'll demonstrate how to extend the sfDoctrineGuardPlugin by adding a relationship to the sfGuardUser named Profile and integrating it in to the admin generator that comes with the plugin.

Call the expert: Nested forms - A real implementation

As announced in a previous post, symfony 1.2 is able to automatically save objects from deep nested forms. I gave a simple example in the announcement post, but some people asked me for a real project example. So here it is.

New in symfony 1.2: Doctrine goodies

In this post we'll touch on a few different aspects of the symfony 1.2 release such as the new admin generators, form framework, and embedded forms with a tutorial that starts from a brand new project.

New in symfony 1.2: Test your applications

The symfony framework has always been bundled with a functional testing framework and it is certainly one of its main strengths. Each release of symfony makes the functional testing framework even better. Today, I will show you all the goodness we have added for the symfony 1.2 version. Be prepared to be amazed!

Spice up your forms with some nice widgets and validators

I have already talked about sfFormExtraPlugin in some previous posts. Today, I will present this plugin more thoroughly.

Play with the user language

I have already talked about the sfFormExtraPlugin in a previous post and people were quite amazed by some widgets provided by the plugin. Today, I will talk about sfFormLanguage, a form also provided by the sfFormExtraPlugin plugin.

New in symfony 1.2: Make your Choice!

When displaying a form, you often want the user to make a choice amongst a list of possibilities. symfony 1.2 comes with a new widget called sfWidgetFormChoice. sfWidgetFormChoice is an abstract widget in the sense that it delegates the rendering to another widget (the renderer widget). Let's see how it works in this post.

New in symfony 1.2: Error Templates and Request Formats

symfony 1.1 introduced native support for different formats and mime-types. But there was one missing piece: error support. That's fixed in symfony 1.2, thanks to the great work of Kris Wallsmith.

Unit Testing your Models

Writing unit tests for your Propel or Doctrine model is much more easier as of symfony 1.1. In this tutorial, you will learn some great tips and best practices to write better tests for your models.

Call the expert: How to implement a conditional validator?

Jon wants to validate a form value but the validation depends on another form field. As Jon does not know how to do it with symfony 1.1, he called the expert. This post will explain how to accomplish this kind of conditional validation by using a post validator.

New in symfony 1.2: Toward a RESTful architecture (Part 1)

Yesterday, I have committed the first slew of changes to the routing framework. Thanks to this refactoring, developers have new opportunities to customize the routing and this will allow very cool features in the very near future. But today, let's dive into the goodness of the symfony 1.2 routing framework.

New in symfony 1.2: Customize the Web Debug Toolbar

The symfony web debug toolbar is one of the developer best friend. It is always conveniently accessible in the browser when using the development environment. It gives you everything you need to know about the current page and ease the debugging of your applications. Until now, all the information available in this toolbar were hardcoded. But as of symfony 1.2, the web debug toolbar is entirely configurable.

The symfony 1.1 architecture

Before we release symfony 1.1 later this week, I want to give some information about the new symfony 1.1 architecture.

How to work with plugins in symfony 1.1

For symfony 1.1, the complete plugin system has been rewritten from scratch. This has been done to allow some serious improvements in the way plugins work, and to make it even simpler to work with plugins in your symfony project.

YAML in symfony 1.1

Here is a short tutorial about my discovery of the new YAML parsing library that comes with symfony 1.1.