Jobeet - Day 10: The Forms

The second week of Jobeet got off to a flying start with the introduction of the symfony test framework. We will continue today with the form framework.

Jobeet - Day 9: The Functional Tests

Today, we will write functional tests for the features we have already implemented in the job and category modules.

Jobeet - Day 8: The Unit Tests

Today, we will start talking about something completely different: automated tests.

Jobeet - Day 7: Playing with the Category Page

I hope you worked on the Jobeet category page as today's tutorial will then be much more valuable for you.

Jobeet - Day 6: More with the Model

Today, we will enhance the Jobeet website by tweaking the code here and there. In the process, you will learn more about all the features we have introduced this week.

Jobeet - Day 5: The Routing

Today we will dive into the wonderful world of the symfony routing framework.

Jobeet - Day 4: The Controller and the View

Today, we are going to customize the basic job module we created yesterday.

Jobeet - Day 3: The Data Model

Those of you itching to open your text editor and lay down some PHP will be happy to know today's tutorial will get us into some development.

Call the expert: Simple Registration with sfDoctrineGuardPlugin

Tutorial demonstrating how to setup a simple registration form for the sfDoctrineGuardPlugin.

Jobeet - Day 2: The Project

Today, we will take the time to describe the requirements of the Jobeet project with some basic mockups.