In October 2015, we discontinued the translations of Symfony docs (French and Italian at that time) and we decided to only publish documentation in English. The main reason behind this decision was that translations were not in sync with the original contents, so we couldn't guarantee our readers that the non-English docs were correct.

Now it's time to do the same with the rest of translations of When the redesigned website was launched in March 2011, we created the symfony-marketing repository to store all its translatable contents (from the main menu labels to the static content pages).

However, these translations never took off. Most of them are incomplete and we don't have the needed resources to review their quality. The only exception was the Slovenian translation, which was continuously updated by Peter Kokot. Because of this, we've finally decided to remove every translation from and remove most contents from the symfony-marketing repository.

Hopefully this decision will encourage local Symfony communities to publish their own contents and websites, such as the Symfony in Japanese and Symfony in Spanish communities.