The next Symfony Sprint will take place at the end of this week, on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th of April.

For those who never participated in a Sprint, the goal is to do as much work as possible in a minimum time. The symfony sprint is, of course, focused on the symfony project development, so all the symfony developers and documentation writers who want to give a hand are welcome.

This time, the sprint will have three main goals:

  • Find and fix bugs in the 1.1 branch, to help the 1.1 beta2 head towards a RC
  • Enhance the symfony 1.1 documentation to explain the changes and enhancements not yet documented
  • Help the developers who want to migrate a symfony 1.0 application to symfony 1.1

For 1.1 migrations, Sensio Labs will provide free support during Friday. So if you wanted to give symfony 1.1 a try with one of your existing applications, that’s the perfect moment for it.

During the last sprint, some complained that they couldn’t dedicate a workday to an open-source project, that’s why this time, the sprint will last for two days, including a week-end day. Fabien and I will be present on Friday, and we’ll try to find a coordinator for Saturday until then.

As usual, we’ll start the sprint at about 10am (West European Time). Meet us on the #symfony IRC channel for task allocation, and get ready for some serious work!