Building APIs with Symfony is not new. We've done that since the early beginning of Symfony: Askeet, Jobeet, it's been a long time! Nowadays, more and more web applications are made of an API and a client side application. Sharing data across applications using APIs also became an essential feature.

That's why the Symfony community has created a set of tools (libraries, bundles) to ease the development of HTTP/REST APIs. We have a couple of well-known bundles such as the FOSRestBundle and the NelmioApiDocBundle. Both provide powerful features for building APIs with Symfony, but are you aware of the LexikJWTAuthenticationBundle? Do you know how to add an OAuth2 layer on top of your API? Do you even know what HATEOAS actually means?

For most of us, it is not as clear as it should be, and we can certainly do better than what we have right now! Hence the creation of a working group to gather both people and knowledge for REST in Symfony:!forum/resting-with-symfony.

This group is made for:

  • developers who build APIs, need advices or have questions about the existing libraries/bundles;
  • developers who want to contribute to the Symfony ecosystem, on topics related to REST;
  • people who have questions about REST in general, or in the PHP/Symfony context;
  • everyone.

The main idea is to create a central place where we can discuss all together, and hopefully start new initiatives! Let's keep making Symfony the best and friendliest framework in PHP for building APIs.