I've just released Symfony 2.0.19 and 2.1.4. Both releases contain a security fix.

Damien Tournoud, from the Drupal security team, contacted us two days ago about a security issue in the Request::getClientIp() method when the trust proxy mode is enabled (Request::trustProxyData()).

An application is vulnerable if it uses the client IP address as returned by the Request::getClientIp() method for sensitive decisions like IP based access control.

To fix this security issue, the following changes have been made to all versions of Symfony2:

A new Request::setTrustedProxies() method has been introduced and should be used intead of Request::trustProxyData() to enable the trust proxy mode. It takes an array of trusted proxy IP addresses as its argument:

// before (probably in your front controller script)

// after
// being the IP address of a trusted reverse proxy

The Request::trustProxyData() method has been deprecated (when used, it automatically trusts the latest proxy in the chain -- which is the current remote address):


// is equivalent to

We encourage all Symfony2 users to upgrade as soon as possible. It you don't want to upgrade to the latest version yet, you can also apply the following patches:

  • Patch for Symfony 2.0.19
  • Patch for Symfony 2.1.4