To celebrate our 1000th user on SensioLabs Connect in a week, we have just rolled out a new version that takes into account some of the feedback we had from the community after the launch.

First, and by popular demand, we now support Gravatar for profile photos (this is in fact the default now if you don't upload a photo).

We have worked on the email confirmation problems (we should be whitelisted now in various databases) and you can now even get a duplicate of the confirmation email if needed.

The most important news of course is the new badges that we have added to the system:

  • The first 100 registered users were awarded a unique badge to thank them for being fast (sorry for the others, this badge won't be awarded anymore);

  • The attendees of all Symfony Live Conferences have also been awarded a badge;

  • Finally, some badges have been awarded based on the seniority in the community.

You can see most of them on my profile.

The Symfony Live Conference badges and the seniority badges are awarded based on a match between your email on SensioLabs Connect and the one you used when registering on various websites (,,,, ...). To be clear, if the emails do not match, you won't have the badge. Hopefully, we have added a way to link additional emails to your account just for this purpose (they allow us to better track your past community achievements). So, go your account, add the emails you used previously on these websites, and soon enough, you will gather more badges!

Many people asked us for the OAuth2 documentation and how they can connect to the system. Frankly, we didn't expected such an interest so early after launch; so we are far from ready yet but we are working hard to make it available as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we have started to work on a public API. You can now get public profiles via JSON by adding .json at the end of any public profile (like in

Stay tuned as we have many more exciting features in the work.