I've just released symfony 1.0.6. Nothing special in this release, just bug fixes as usual:

  • r4752: fixed sfZendPlugin is broken (#1941)
  • r4729: removed E_STRICT when using the plugin tasks
  • r4642: fixed sfWebRequest isSecure() bug for certain server configurations (#1931)
  • r4641: fixed sfWebDebug top css class name (#1982)
  • r4621: fixed untranslated message in _list_messages.php partial (#1969)
  • r4574: fixed typo in sfTestBrowser::getAndCheck()
  • r4559: fixed status code 404 may be transformed into 304 when using ETag (#1944)
  • r4404: fixed sfTestBrowser::isResponseHeader() method (#1900)

As for every 1.0.X release, after upgrading to 1.0.6, don't forget to clear the cache of your projects.

It's now even easier for Debian/Ubuntu users to upgrade. Just use the symfony Debian repository. Please read http://www.symfony-project.com/content/download.html for more information.