After just two weeks and 130+ commits from 50+ developers, here comes Symfony 2.1.0 beta2.

Here are the most interesting changes since beta1:

  • the current locale for the user is not stored anymore in the session as it should be in the each request anyway (this makes Symfony closer to HTTP and allows for more stateless applications);

  • Swiftmailer has been upgraded to its latest version (as the class autoloading is now handled by Composer directly, you must remove the custom configuration you have in your app/autoload.php file);

  • The auto_start setting has been deprecated; remove it from your configuration (the session is now always started on-demand);

  • The charset setting has been deprecated; remove it from your configuration (if you are not using UTF-8, create a getCharset() method in AppKernel);

Composer now installs stable versions of packages by default, so don't forget to switch the default stability to dev in your composer.json file:

"minimum-stability": "dev",

Before running composer install, upgrade it to its latest version:

composer.phar self-update

Then, if running composer install gives you some errors, don't hesitate to run again more than once, it should fix itself.

If you are using the Symfony Standard Edition, you can read the new UPGRADE file. It tells you everything about upgrading your 2.0 application based on the standard edition to 2.1.